The following deliverables are now available to download:

Deliverable 1: The Overall UNITE Methodology

Deliverable 2: The Accounts Approach

Deliverable 3: The Marginal Cost Methodology

Deliverable 4: Alternative Frameworks for the Integration of Marginal Costs and Transport Accounts

Deliverable 5: Pilot Accounts - Results for Germany and Switzerland

Annex 1: The Pilot Accounts for Germany
Annex 2: The Pilot Accounts for Switzerland
Annex 3: Valuation Conventions for UNITE

Deliverable 6 - Supplier Operating Costs Case Studies

Deliverable 7 - Transport User Cost and Benefit Case Studies

Case Study 7a-d:Inter-Urban Road and Rail User Costs
Case Study 7e:Brussels Urban Transport
Case Study 7f:Urban Congestion Costs
Case Study 7g:The Mohring Effect in Interurban Rail Transport Case Study of the Swedish Railways
Case Study 7h:Mohring Effects for Air Transport
Case Study 7i:Evaluation of Congestion Costs for Madrid Airport (1997-2000)
Case Study 7j:Mohring Effects for Freight Transport

Deliverable 8:Pilot Accounts - Results for Austria, Denmark, Spain, France, Ireland, Netherlands and UK:

Annex 1 - The Pilot Accounts - Results for Austria
Annex 2 - The Pilot Accounts - Results for Austria
Annex 3 - The Pilot Accounts - Results for Spain
Annex 4 - The Pilot Accounts - Results for France
Annex 5 - The Pilot Accounts - Results for Ireland - Appendix Report
Annex 6 - The Pilot Accounts - Results for the Netherlands
Annex 7 - Pilot Accounts - Results for the United Kingdom

Deliverable 9:Marginal accident costs case studies

Case Study 8a:Marginal External Accident Costs in Switzerland
Case Study 8b:Marginal External Accident Costs in Stockholm and Lisbon
Case Study 8c:The marginal cost of road/rail level crossing accidents on Swedish railways
Case Study 8d:External Accident Cost of Heavy Goods Vehicles
Case Study 8e:Marginal External Accident Costs in Maritime transport on the Baltic sea

Deliverable 10: Case Studies on Marginal Infrastructure Costs

Annex A1a:Road Econometrics - Case Study on Renewal Costs of German Motorways
Annex A1b:Road Econometrics - Case Study Motorways Switzerland
Annex A1c:Road Econometrics - Case Study Motorways Austria
Annex A2:Marginal Cost of Road Maintenance for Heavy Goods Vehicles on Swedish Roads
Annex A3:An Economic Analysis of Track Maintenance Costs
Annex A4:British Rail Infrastructure Case Study
Annex A5:Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
Annex A6:Price-relevant Marginal Cost of Swedish Seaport Services
Annex A7:Mediterranean Short-Sea Shipping including Piraeus Port Marginal Cost Case Study
Annex A8:Infrastructure, Environmental and Accident Costs for Rhine Container Shipping

Deliverable 11: Environmental Marginal Cost Case Studies

Appendix 9A:Urban Passenger Car for Finland
Appendix 9B:Heavy Goods Vehicle for Finland
Appendix 9C:Nordic Maritime Shipping
Appendix 9D:Urban Road and Rail Case Studies Germany
Appendix 9E:Inter-Urban Road and Rail Case Studies Germany
Appendix 9F:Air Transport Case Study
Appendix 9G:Urban Road and Rail Studies: The Case of Florence
Appendix 9H:Inter-Urban Road and Rail Case Studies

Deliverable 12: Pilot Accounts - Results for Belgium, Finland,Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Sweden

Annex 1 - The Pilot accounts for Belgium
Annex 2 - The Pilot Accounts for Finland
Annex 3 - The Pilot Accounts for Greece
Annex 4 - The Pilot Accounts for Hungary
Annex 5 - The Pilot Accounts for ITALY
Annex 6 - The Pilot accounts for Luxemburg
Annex 7 - The Pilot Accounts for Portugal
Annex 8a - The Pilot Accounts for Sweden
Annex 8b - The Pilot Accounts for Sweden Statistical Annex

Deliverable 13 - Testing Alternative Integration Frameworks What are the Effects of Alternative Pricing Policies?

Annex 1 - The CGE Model for Belgium
Annex 2 - Results from a CGE model application for Switzerland

Deliverable 14 - Future Approaches to Accounts

Annex 1 - Pilot Account for the Rotterdam urban area
Annex 2 - Costs due to air pollution from maritime shipping
Annex 3 - The Pilot Accounts for Estonia

Deliverable 15 - Guidance on Adapting Marginal Cost Estimates

Deliverable 16 - Policy perspectives

UNITE: Final Report for publication