Last Modified: 05.04.05


The management capability of the coordination partner, The Institute for Transport Studies is demonstrated by its extensive record in coordinating European Commission projects (coordinated 6 DGVII projects in the 4th Framework Programme and 14 DGVII/DGXIII projects in the last 10 years).

The Institute has a record of projects which are effectively and efficiently managed in order to develop high quality research outputs. The administrative expertise has been created to support individual project managers and meet the specialist contractual, financial and project management requirements of the European Commission. The Institute for Transport Studies is certified to international quality standard IS0 9001, ensuring that all project management is subject to rigorous quality assurance procedures. As an example, all deliverables are reviewed before their submission by an independent assessor to ensure that quality is maximised.

The responsible person nominated as the HASTE coordinator will be Prof. Oliver Carsten, Director of the Institute for Transport Studies. Prof Carsten has been project coordinator of four EC research projects, three in Transport Telematics (VRU and VRU-TOO on systems to address vulnerable road user safety and HOPES which examined the safety impacts of the various field trials in FP3) and one in the FP4 Transport Research programme studying the Human Implications of New Technology (HINT).

Prof. Carsten will be responsible for the overall direction of the project - chairing the Project Coordination Committee, making strategic decisions on the work content and assessing the quality of the research outputs at the milestone points in the project (see Section B5). The project manager for HASTE, responsible for the day-to-day running of the project will be Samantha Jamson. She has experience in several European projects in the role of workpackage leader and quality assurance manager.