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The Policy Guidebook provides fuller information on the policy instruments suggested by the Measure Option Generator. It adopts an approach which is outlined in Section 9 of the Decision-Makers' Guidebook. It adopts a consistent structure; for each policy instrument it provides:-

  • A one page summary
  • A brief description
  • A first principles assessment
  • Evidence on performance from case studies
  • A summary of the instrument's contribution to transport policy
  • Links to complementary instruments which might reinforce its performance
  • References

The standard structure is directly linked to the Decision-Makers' Guidebook and its logical structure. Each policy instrument is assessed in terms of its contribution to the objectives, indicators, and problems outlined in the Decision-Makers' Guidebook, and in relation to the strategies, also outlined in the Decision-Makers’Guidebook, to which it might contribute. A standard eleven-point scoring system is adopted, which forms the core of the Measure Option Generator which helps users identify the policy instruments most suitable for their needs.

The Policy Guidebook is under continuing development. By mid 2014 it will provide information on nearly 70 policy instruments under the broad headings of

  • Land use measures
  • Attitudinal and behavioural measures
  • Infrastructure measures
  • Management of the infrastructure
  • Information provision
  • Pricing

We are always interested in case studies which can strengthen KonSULT’s database on policy instruments. If you have information which you think might be of value, please contact us.

Text edited at the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT