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KonSULT’s mission is

  • to help cities quickly to identify policy measures and packages which may be of assistance in meeting their objectives, using the Measure Option Generator
  •  to provide more detail on the suggested policy measures (or “instruments”) using the Policy Guidebook; and
  • to outline the process of developing sustainable urban transport strategies, and the concepts employed in the Measure Option Generator and Policy Guidebook, through the Decision-Makers' Guidebook

KonSULT’s aim is to contribute significantly to the effective development of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans and hence to the achievement internationally of urban transport policy objectives of reduced congestion; an enhanced environment; greater safety; better access; fairer opportunities; improved quality of life and increased sustainability.

The Measure Option Generator allows cities quickly to identify those policy measures (or “instruments”) and packages which may be of particular value in their context.  For each suggested policy instrument it provides a link to fuller information provided in the Policy Guidebook.

The Policy Guidebook describes each policy instrument, with multimedia images of operation where appropriate. It then provides a consistent first principles assessment of the contribution of that instrument to a series of policy objectives, problems and strategies.  It then compares that assessment with a series of case studies of good practice. An assessment is then made of the contexts in which each policy instrument is likely to perform best.

The Decision-Makers' Guidebook offers a logical structure for specifying objectives, indicators and targets, identifying possible solutions and strategies, assessing their impacts and implementing them successfully. In particular it provides a more detailed explanation of the concepts used in the Measure Option Generator and the Policy Guidebook.

Text edited at the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT