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Overview of CAPRI

*  What is CAPRI seeking to achieve?

The objective of the Concerted Action on Transport Pricing Research Integration is to bring together the results of research studies that relate to the role of pricing in transport policy development.

In addition to examining research programmes at the national level, the Concerted Action seeks to facilitate the exchange of results from European level research, including:

A committee of representatives from the European Union and other countries has been formed to examine the policy implications of pricing research. By determining areas of consensus and disagreement, the committee will contribute to policy development and the identification of future research needs. The committee is open to any individual actively involved in research and policy development related to pricing.

*  Project Programme and Publications

The Concerted Action runs from January 1998 to December 1999. The project milestones and publication dates are determined by the 6-monthly meetings of the CAPRI committee:

Project Milestones
Meeting DateReports Discussed
May 1998 D1: Current Position and Proposed Outline of the Concerted Action*
D2: General Economic Principles of Pricing Transport Services*
November 1998 D3: Valuation of Transport Externalities*
D4: Road Pricing Issues with particular reference to Urban Road Pricing
May 1999 D5: Road Pricing Issues with particular reference to Inter-Urban Road Pricing **
D6: Public Transport Pricing
18-19 November 1999
Leuven (Brussels)
D7: Final Report, including Overall Synthesis and Conclusions on Transport Pricing

* Now available at 20 ECU/copy or free in Adobe Acrobat; **To be combined with D4

*   Contact Points for Further Information

The project is co-ordinated by the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds (UK)

In the first instance, please contact the ITS Project Secretary, Carol Ward, for enquiries about publications, committee nominations, to supply information about pricing research you are aware of, and for any other information. The full list of contact points is given below:

Partner Contact Points
CAPRI partner Individual
(and linked Email address)
Telephone Number Fax Number
University of Leeds, UK
Professor Chris Nash
Mr Tom Sansom
(Project Manager)
Mrs Carol Ward
+44 (0)113 343 5337
+44 (0)113 343 5346
+44 (0)113 343 5354
+44 (0)113 343 5334
EuroTrans Consulting Ltd (UK) Manos Vougioukas +44 181 296 1885 +44 181 891 5027
Istituto Di Studi Per
L'Informatica e I Sistemi (Italy)
Andrea Ricci +390 6 321 2655 +390 6 321 3049
ISIS SA (France) Lionel Clement

Muriel Monsigny

+33 478 718 954
+33 478 718 954
+33 478 620 978
IWW (Germany) Prof Dr Werner Rothengatter
Claus Doll
+49 721 608 4345
+44 721 608 6042
+49 721 608 7376
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Professor Stef Proost +32 163 26 801 +32 163 26 796
ZEW (Germany) Dr Klaus Rennings
Sigurd Weinreich
+49 621 123 5207
+49 621 123 5206
+49 621 123 5226

*  Who is funding CAPRI?

The initiative is 100% funded by the European Commission's Transport Directorate, and has resources of approximately 500,000 ECU.