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A   Khaled AbdullahPhD Research Student (part-time)   Email Khaled Abdullah
    Paul AdamsFacilites Coordinator   Email Paul Adams
    Samuel Adjei AppiahPhD Research Student   Email Samuel Adjei Appiah
    Natalie AinsworthReceptionist   Email Natalie Ainsworth
    Al-Amin Al-HassanPhD Research Student (part-time)   Email Al-Amin Al-Hassan
    Mahmoud Al-KhazalehPhD Research Student   Email Mahmoud Al-Khazaleh
    Ilyas AlhassanPhD Research Student (split-site)   Email Ilyas Alhassan
   Professor Jillian AnableProfessor of Transport and Energy    Email Jillian Anable
    Izza AnwerPhD Research Student   Email Izza Anwer
    Peter AtkinsonPhD Research Student   Email Peter Atkinson
B  Dr Al BakerResearch Assistant   Email Al Baker
   Dr Narasimha (Chandra) BalijepalliLecturer    Email Narasimha (Chandra) Balijepalli
   Dr Yvonne BarnardSenior Research Fellow   Email Yvonne Barnard
    Jeroen BastiaanssenPhD Research Student   Email Jeroen Bastiaanssen
   Professor Richard BatleyDirector of the Institute
Professor of Transport Demand & Valuation
   Email Richard Batley
    Erwin BoerVisiting Professor   Email Erwin Boer
    Martyna BogaczPhD Research Student   Email Martyna Bogacz
   Professor Peter BonsallEmeritus Professor   Email Peter Bonsall
    Sarah BurdallFaculty Health & Safety Manager   Email Sarah Burdall
    Julian BurkinshawPhD Research Student   Email Julian Burkinshaw
    Andrew BwambalePhD Research Student   Email Andrew Bwambale
C   Chiara CalastriPhD Research Student   Email Chiara Calastri
    Mauro  CapursoPhD Research Student   Email Mauro  Capurso
    Joanna CarderResearch Support Manager   Email Joanna Carder
   Professor Oliver CarstenProfessor of Transport Safety   Email Oliver Carsten
    Magda CepedaPhD Research Student   Email Magda Cepeda
   Dr Haibo ChenPrincipal Research Fellow   Email Haibo Chen
    David  ChikwenduPhD Research Student   Email David  Chikwendu
   Dr Charisma ChoudhuryLecturer in Transport Engineering & Emerging Economies   Email Charisma Choudhury
    Jennifer CleaverResources Co-ordinator / PA to Directors   Email Jennifer Cleaver
    Zoe CloughResources Assistant   Email Zoe Clough
   Dr Richard ConnorsSenior Research Fellow   Email Richard Connors
   Dr Romain CrastesResearch Fellow in Choice Modelling   Email Romain Crastes
    Fiona CrawfordPhD Research Student   Email Fiona Crawford
D  Professor Andrew DalyEmeritus Professor   Email Andrew Daly
    Michael DalyDriving Simulator Programmer   Email Michael Daly
    Edmond Daramy-WilliamsPhD Research Student   Email Edmond Daramy-Williams
   Professor Joyce DargayEmeritus Professor of Transport Econometrics   Email Joyce Dargay
   Professor Gerard de JongResearch Professor   Email Gerard de Jong
    Louise De TremeriePhD Research Student   Email Louise De Tremerie
   Dr Thijs  DekkerLecturer in Transport Economics    Email Thijs  Dekker
    Stephen DixonPhD Research Student   Email Stephen Dixon
    Joel DodsworthPhD Research Student (part-time)   Email Joel Dodsworth
    Rafael Dos ReisPhD Research Student   Email Rafael Dos Reis
    Jeremy DrewVisiting Research Fellow   Email Jeremy Drew
E   Umoh Udoro EdemekaPhD Research Student (split-site)   Email Umoh Udoro Edemeka
    Joanna ElvyPhD Research Student   Email Joanna Elvy
    Anderson EtikaPhD Research Student   Email Anderson Etika
    Anthony EzenwaPhD Research Student   Email Anthony Ezenwa
F  Dr Ahmed FaysalLecturer in Transport Engineering   Email Ahmed Faysal
    Cristhian Figueroa MartinezPhD Research Student   Email Cristhian Figueroa Martinez
    Nigel FosterVisiting Professor   Email Nigel Foster
   Dr Tony FowkesVisiting Reader in Transport Econometrics   Email Tony Fowkes
   Dr Charles FoxUniversity Academic Fellow - Vehicle & Road Automation   Email Charles Fox
G   Oscar GilesResearch Fellow   Email Oscar Giles
    Andrew Gillies-SmithPhD Research Student   Email Andrew Gillies-Smith
    Deborah GoddardPostgraduate Research Officer    Email Deborah Goddard
   Professor Susan Grant-MullerProfessor of Technologies & Informatics   Email Susan Grant-Muller
    Thiago GuimarãesPhD Research Student   Email Thiago Guimarães
   Professor Sanjay GuptaVisiting Professor   Email Sanjay Gupta
    Alvaro GuzmánPhD Research Student   Email Alvaro Guzmán
H   Thomas HancockPhD Researcher   Email Thomas Hancock
    Stephen HanleyPhD Research Student   Email Stephen Hanley
    Md Bashirul HaquePhD Research Student   Email Md Bashirul Haque
    Probo HardiniPhD Research Student   Email Probo Hardini
   Dr Gillian HarrisonResearch Fellow   Email Gillian Harrison
   Dr Eva HeinenUniversity Academic Fellow   Email Eva Heinen
    Thalia Hernandez AmezcuaPhD Research Student   Email Thalia Hernandez Amezcua
   Professor Stephane HessProfessor of Choice Modelling / Director of the Choice Modelling Centre (CMC)    Email Stephane Hess
   Dr Daryl HibberdResearch Fellow   Email Daryl Hibberd
    Frances HodgsonSenior Research Fellow   Email Frances Hodgson
    Tony HorrobinResearch Officer   Email Tony Horrobin
I   Sheriff Idriss-YahyaPhD Research Student   Email Sheriff Idriss-Yahya
    Rashed IsmaeelPhD Research Student   Email Rashed Ismaeel
    Faculty IT SupportFaculty IT Support   Email Faculty IT Support
J  Dr Hamish JamsonPrincipal Research Fellow   Email Hamish Jamson
   Professor Samantha JamsonStaff Development Director & Deputy Director   Email Samantha Jamson
   Dr Tony JiaResearch Fellow   Email Tony Jia
    Daniel JohnsonSenior Research Fellow   Email Daniel Johnson
   Dr Ian JonesResearch Fellow   Email Ian Jones
   Dr Ann JopsonResearch Fellow   Email Ann Jopson
    Hrvoje JukicResearch Assistant   Email Hrvoje Jukic
K   Charlotte KellySenior Research Fellow   Email Charlotte Kelly
    Haneen KhreisPhD Research Student   Email Haneen Khreis
    Alexandros KontotasiosPhD Research Student   Email Alexandros Kontotasios
L  Dr Frank LaiSenior Research Fellow / Director of International Teaching Partnerships   Email Frank Lai
   Dr James LairdVisiting Research Fellow   Email James Laird
    Chris LeahyPhD Research Student   Email Chris Leahy
    Penghui LiVisiting research student   Email Penghui Li
    Zhenqi  LiVisiting research student   Email Zhenqi  Li
    Qiyang LiuPhD Research Student   Email Qiyang Liu
   Dr Ronghui LiuAssociate Professor & Director of International Activities   Email Ronghui Liu
   Dr Tyron LouwResearch Assistant   Email Tyron Louw
   Dr Robin LovelaceUniversity Academic Fellow - Transport and Big Data    Email Robin Lovelace
   Professor Karen LucasProfessor of Transport & Social Analysis   Email Karen Lucas
M  Professor Peter MackieEmeritus Professor   Email Peter Mackie
   Dr Ruth MadiganResearch Fellow - Human Factors of Vehicle Automation    Email Ruth Madigan
   Dr Gustav MarkkulaAssociate Professor   Email Gustav Markkula
   Professor Greg MarsdenProfessor of Transport Governance   Email Greg Marsden
    Robin MarshResources Manager   Email Robin Marsh
    Bryan MatthewsSenior Research Fellow   Email Bryan Matthews
   Dr Giulio MattioliResearch Fellow   Email Giulio Mattioli
   Professor Tony MayEmeritus Professor in Transport Engineering   Email Tony May
    Tahera MayatPhD Research Student   Email Tahera Mayat
   Professor Natasha MeratProfessor   Email Natasha Merat
   Dr David MilneLecturer   Email David Milne
    Frank MontgomerySenior Fellow   Email Frank Montgomery
    Jo MoranSchool Education Service Manager   Email Jo Moran
   Dr Malcolm MorganResearch Fellow   Email Malcolm Morgan
   Dr Eleonora MorgantiSenior Research Fellow - Freight & City Logistics   Email Eleonora Morganti
   Dr Craig MortonResearch Fellow   Email Craig Morton
    Ioanna MoscholidouPhD Research Student (part-time)   Email Ioanna Moscholidou
   Dr Caroline MullenSenior Research Fellow   Email Caroline Mullen
    James MusgravePhD Research Student (part-time)   Email James Musgrave
N   Tamas NadudvariPhD Research Student   Email Tamas Nadudvari
    Haruko NakaoPhD Research Student   Email Haruko Nakao
   Dr Shoichiro NakayamaVisiting Principal Research Fellow   Email Shoichiro Nakayama
   Professor Chris NashResearch Professor   Email Chris Nash
   Dr John NellthorpSenior Research Fellow   Email John Nellthorp
   Dr Dong NgoduyVisiting Research Fellow   Email Dong Ngoduy
    Taufiq NugrohoPhD Research Student   Email Taufiq Nugroho
O  Dr Manuel Ojeda CabralResearch Fellow in Transport Economics & Appraisal   Email Manuel Ojeda Cabral
    Yuki OkafujiVisiting research student   Email Yuki Okafuji
P  Dr David PalmaResearch Fellow in Advanced Choice Modelling   Email David Palma
   Dr Kate PangbourneUniversity Academic Fellow   Email Kate Pangbourne
    Sarah  PapadimosStudent Education Service Officer (Assessment & QA)   Email Sarah   Papadimos
    Lamprini PapafotiPhD Research Student   Email Lamprini Papafoti
   Dr Luigi PariotaVisiting Research Fellow    Email Luigi Pariota
    Evangelos PaschalidisPhD Research Student   Email Evangelos Paschalidis
    Alexander PatrickPhD Research Student   Email Alexander Patrick
    Anna PereiraPhD Research Student   Email Anna Pereira
   Dr Ian PhilipsResearch Fellow   Email Ian Philips
    David PiercePhD Research Student   Email David Pierce
Q   Lei QianPhD Research Student   Email Lei Qian
   Professor Derek QuinnVisiting Professor   Email Derek Quinn
R  Dr Shafiq-Ur RahmanVisiting Researcher   Email Shafiq-Ur Rahman
    Faculty  Research OfficeFaculty Research Support   Email Faculty  Research Office
   Professor Richard RomanoChair in Driving Simulation   Email Richard Romano
   Dr Karl RopkinsSenior Research Fellow   Email Karl Ropkins
    Christopher RushtonPhD Research Student   Email Christopher Rushton
S   Ehsan SadraeiPhD Research Student   Email Ehsan Sadraei
    Arwa SayeghPhD Research Student   Email Arwa Sayegh
    Maria Seijo-RichartPersonal Assistant    Email Maria Seijo-Richart
   Professor Simon ShepherdProfessor of Transport Modelling & Policy Design / Director of Research & Innovation   Email Simon Shepherd
    Jeremy ShiresSenior Research Fellow   Email Jeremy Shires
    Aswin SiregarPhd Research Student   Email Aswin Siregar
   Professor Andrew SmithProfessor   Email Andrew Smith
   Professor Nigel SmithProfessor of Project & Transport Infrastructure Management   Email Nigel Smith
    Hazel SmoczynskaStudent Support and Assessment   Email Hazel Smoczynska
    Fangqing  SongPhD Research Student   Email Fangqing  Song
    Daosadeth SoysouvanhPhD Research Student   Email Daosadeth Soysouvanh
    Panagiotis SpyridakosPhD Research Student   Email Panagiotis Spyridakos
    Alex Steadm2i Research Fellow in Efficiency Analysis    Email Alex Stead
    Kirstie StewartProject Coordinator   Email Kirstie Stewart
    Jennie  StonesWCTRS Secretariat   Email Jennie  Stones
   Dr Agachai SumaleeVisiting Research Fellow   Email Agachai Sumalee
    Sidi SunPhD Research Student (part-time)   Email Sidi Sun
T   Tianli TangPhD Research Student   Email Tianli Tang
    Rodrigo TapiaVisiting Research Student   Email Rodrigo Tapia
   Dr James TateAssociate Professor   Email James Tate
    Yvonne TaylorPhD Research Student (part-time)   Email Yvonne Taylor
    Rachael ThomasPersonal Assistant    Email Rachael Thomas
    Erik ThomassonResearch & Innovation Manager   Email Erik Thomasson
   Dr Paul TimmsSenior Research Fellow   Email Paul Timms
    Jeff  TjiongPhD Research Student   Email Jeff  Tjiong
   Dr Andrew TomlinsonResearch Assistant   Email Andrew Tomlinson
   Dr Jeremy TonerSenior Lecturer in Transport Economics   Email Jeremy Toner
    Emma Tsoneva INTALInC Coordinator   Email Emma Tsoneva
    Jeff TurnerVisiting Lecturer   Email Jeff Turner
U   Nur Zaimah UbaidillahPhD Research Student   Email Nur Zaimah Ubaidillah
    Chinebuli UzonduPhD Research Student   Email Chinebuli Uzondu
V  Professor Tom Van VurenVisiting Professor   Email Tom Van Vuren
   Professor Erik VerhoefVisiting Professor   Email Erik Verhoef
W  Dr Zia WadudAssociate Professor   Email Zia Wadud
    Conor WalshPhD Research Student   Email Conor Walsh
   Dr Judith WangAssociate Professor in Transport Engineering - Resilient Transportation   Email Judith Wang
    Ying WangPhD Research Student   Email Ying Wang
   Professor Mark WardmanVisiting Professor   Email Mark Wardman
   Professor Dave WatlingCentenary Professor of Transport Analysis / Postgraduate Research Tutor   Email Dave Watling
   Dr Phill WheatAssociate Professor   Email Phill Wheat
   Dr Anthony WhiteingDirector of Student Education   Email Anthony Whiteing
    Tom WorsleyVisiting Fellow in Transport Policy   Email Tom Worsley
X   Qingwan XueVisiting research student   Email Qingwan Xue
Y   Yao YaoPhD Research Student   Email Yao Yao
   Dr Hongbo YeResearch Fellow - Rail Simulation and Optimisation   Email Hongbo Ye
    Jingyan YuPhD Research Student   Email Jingyan Yu
Z   Junlin ZhangVisiting Research Student   Email Junlin Zhang
    Weiming ZhaoPhD Research Student   Email Weiming Zhao
    Yi ZhaoVisiting research student   Email Yi Zhao
    Tatjana ZimasaPhD Research Student   Email Tatjana Zimasa

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