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Dr Yvonne Barnard

Senior Research Fellow

Phone: +44 (0)113 34 39759
Room: LG.02
Research Group: Spatial Modelling and Dynamics


  • M.Sc. Psychology, with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence, University of Amsterdam, 1984
  • PhD. University of Amsterdam, 1994, Title thesis: The learner in the centre: towards a methodology for open learner environments

Research Interests

  • Dr. Yvonne Barnard is a senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds. Yvonne Barnard has joined the Safety Group in 2008 and is currently involved in projects on driver behaviour and new technologies in cars. After her study in psychology, with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence, she started to work in 1984 as a researcher in the field of computers and education at the University of Utrecht, in research projects on co-operative learning, interaction processes, and intelligent tutoring systems. From 1989-1995 she was a researcher at the University of Amsterdam, department of Social Science Informatics, where she received her Ph.D. with a thesis on open, technologically rich, learning environments. She worked on European research and development projects on telematic systems for flexible and distance learning. From 1995-2000 she worked at the TNO Human Factors Research Institute, co-ordinating a research group on learning processes, doing applied research in computer and simulation based training, design and evaluation of training systems and courses, e-learning, and knowledge management. From 2000-2008 she was a senior scientist at EURISCO, a human factors research institute in Toulouse, France, performing research on human factors in aviation and on cognitive and organizational processes. She managed commercial projects for companies such as Airbus and Thales Avionics and was Workpackage leader in several European projects. Her current projects at ITS include ITERATE, a European project on modelling of drivers in different transport modes, FOT-Net, a European support action for Field Operational Tests, EASY, an EPSRC funded project on automated driving, and BRIDGE, a EPSRC Sandpit project on acceptability of technology.

Resarch Experience

  • 2008 - present: Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Transport Studies (ITS), University of Leeds
  • 2000 – 2008: Senior Research Scientist at EURISCO, Toulouse France (a human factors research institute owned by Airbus, Thales Avionics and the Group Aeroconseil)
  • 1995 – 2000: Senior researcher at TNO Human Factors Research Institute
  • 1989 – 1995: Researcher at the University of Amsterdam, Department of Social Science Informatics
  • 1984 – 1989: Researcher at the University of Utrecht, Department of Educational research.

Teaching Duties

  • Supervision of MSc and undergraduate students, and lectures in the modules on Safety of Road Transportation and Transport Policy 



  • Barnard Y; Risser R; Krems J (2011) The safety of intelligent driver support systems: Design, evaluation and social perspectives, pp.1-187.

Book Chapters

  • Barnard Y; Koskinen S; Innamaa S; Gellerman H; Svanberg E; Zlocki A; Chen H (In press) Data Management and Data Sharing in Field Operational Tests, In: Pagano P (Ed) Intelligent Transportation Systems: From Good Practices to Standards, CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group, pp.60-72.
  • Barnard Y; Fischer F; Flament M (2015) Field operational tests and deployment plans, Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Standards, Solutions, and Research, pp.393-408. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-15497-8_14
  • Barnard YF; Hodgson F; Bradley M; Lloyd AD (2012) Exploring the acceptance of mobile technologies using walking interviews, In: de Waard D; Merat N; Jamson AH; Barnard YF; Carsten OMJ (Ed) Human Factors of Systems and Technology, Maastricht, Shaker Publishing, pp.91-102.
  • Barnard Y; Risser R; Kaufmann C; Krems J; Petzoldt T (2011) The future of IDSS, The Safety of Intelligent Driver Support Systems: Design, Evaluation and Social Perspectives, pp.149-169.
  • Barnard Y (2011) The safety of intelligent driver support systems, In: Barnard Y; Risser R; Krems J (Ed) The safety of intelligent driver support systems : design, evaluation and social perspectives, Human Factors in Road and Rail Transport, Ashgate Pub Co, pp.1-5.
  • Barnard YF; Carsten O; Lai F (2011) From Theoretical Model to Experimental Data: A Structured Approach to Design Experiments to Seed a Model of Vehicle Operation with New Systems, In: Carlo CP (Ed) Human Modelling in Assisted Transportation, Springer-Verlag New York Inc, pp.109-117.
  • Barnard Y; Lai F (2010) Spotting sheep in Yorkshire: using eye-tracking for studying situation awareness in a driving simulator., In: de Waard D; Axelsson A; Berglund M; Peters B; Weikert C (Ed) Human Factors: A system view of human, technology and organisation., Shaker Publishing, pp.249-261.
  • Barnard Y (2009) Human factors in the display and use of aeronautic information from different sources and of different status., In: De Waard D; Godthelp J; Kooi FL (Ed) Human factors, security and safety, Shaker Publishing, pp.143-158.
  • Boy G; Barnard Y (2007) Knowledge management in safety-critical systems analysis, In: Jennex ME (Ed) Knowledge management: concepts, methodologies, tools, and applications, Information Science Publishing, pp.1294-1304.

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