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Michael Daly

Driving Simulator Programmer

Phone: +44 (0)113 34 33849
Room: Physics Deck 8.233


  • BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, 1992.

Employment History

  • 2008-present, Driving Simulator Programmer, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds.
  • 1998-2008, Research Engineer, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Leeds.
  • 1992-1998, Research Assistant, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Leeds.

Recent Research Projects and Experience

  • Create visual instruments for the driving simulator as an aid to encourage economical driving (EcoDriver), funded by the EU, 2012-present.
  • Implement scenarios in the driving simulator to investigate the effects of two different cruise controllers on automated driving (Atpc), funded by Jaguar Land Rover, 2012.
  • Design and implement an experiment to investigate the effects of second tasks on driving performance on a rural/village road, funded by eSure, 2012.
  • Measure vehicle emissions at various locations using remote sensing equipment (VEMS), funded by Leeds, York, Bradford and Kirklees councils, 2011-2012.
  • Design and implement a micro simulation model in the Halifax area to examine the effects of controlled traffic flow at one site (ETM Saltelhebble Hill), funded by Calderdale council, 2011.

Computing Experience

  • Operating Systems:
    • DOS, Windows, Linux
  • Languages:
    • C/C++, MATLAB, PHP/MySQL/HTML, lua, Ruby
  • Software:
    • Presagis Creator ( 3D modelling )
    • Aimsun ( micro simulation modelling).
    • Rational Rose


Conference Papers

  • Junered M; Akos DM; Adjrad M; Aguado LE; Daly MR; Kemp AH (2006) Instrumentation Development for the Measurement and Characterisation of Indoor and Urban Canyon Ambient Noise Floor in the Galileo Frequency Bands, 3rd ESA Workshop on Satellite Navigation User Equipment Technologies - Navitec'2006 .
  • Brodin G; Daly MR; Stevens J (2003) Effect of Helicopter Rotors on GPS Reception, CAA Paper 2003/7 .
  • Walsh DMA; Brodin G; Daly MR; Denney M; Griffin S (2001) GPS Performance Monitoring Results for Operational Aviation Applications including B-RNAV, ION 2001, Salt Lake City, Utah, 11-14 September 2001 .
  • Walsh DMA; Brodin G; Daly MR; Denney M; Griffin S (2001) Results for a GPS Performance Monitoring System for Operational Applications including B-RNAV, GNSS 2001, Seville, Spain, 8-11 May 2001 .

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