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Frank Montgomery

Visiting Senior Fellow


Previous Employment

  • 1973/1978 - Jamieson Mackay & Partners, Glasgow and Bristol.
  • 1978 - Chartered Engineer with Tayside Regional Council, Dundee.
  • 1979/1983 - Research Officer, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds.
  • 1984/1985 - Research Engineer, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok.
  • 1985/1992 - Lecturer at ITS/Department of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds.


  • Paisley College of Technology, BSc Hons Civil Eng, 1973
  • University of Leeds, MSc Transport Planning & Engineering (Distinction), 1979
  • Fellow of Institution of Highways and Transportation (1975, 2000)
  • Member of Institution of Civil Engineers (1976)
  • CEng, MICE, FIHT

Professional Engagements

  • Committee Member ICE Yorkshire Association Transportation Group (since 1991).
  • Nominated Member IHT Council and Education Board (since 2005), Member of Joint Board of Moderators (since 2005).
  • UTSG Executive Committee Member (Jan 1991-Dec 1993 and Jan 1997-Dec 1999).
  • Instigator and administrator of the UTSG email list (1993 - 2009).
  • External Examiner for PhD theses at Universities of Cardiff (1997 and 1999), Middlesex (1996), Napier (1998), Southampton (1996, 2003, 2004 and 2007), Westminster (1995), Newcastle (2004), Imperial (2005 and 2008), KTH Stockholm (2006).  External examiner for MSc Transport Engineering and Planning at Salford (2000-2004), and MSc Transportation Planning and Engineering, at Southampton (2008-2012).

Research Experience

  • Current/Recent:
    • Traffic Management aspects of guided busways
    • UTMC
    • Effects of rubbernecking on motorway traffic behaviour
    • Automatic safety monitoring at Pelicans
    • Effect of darkness and rain on roundabout capacity
    • Influence of flow variability on evaluation of responsive traffic control systems.
  • Previous:
    • Car sharing in city centres
    • Potential for and effects of work journey rescheduling
    • Measuring level and variability of urban congestion, and modelling its causes
    • Monitoring effects of parking enforcement in Central London
    • Control of congestion in highly saturated signalised networks
    • Evaluation of video recognition for number-plate matching
    • Rule-based systems for traffic signal design
    • AI based systems for traffic control
    • Queue management strategies including application of state-space theory
    • Synergistic combination of bus priority, traffic calming and queue management techniques
    • Speed-flow relationships
    • Improved techniques for motorway incident detection.


  • Tenekeci G; Montgomery FO; Wainaina S (2010) Roundabout Capacity in Adverse Weather and Light Conditions, Proceedings of the ICE - Transport, 163, pp.29-39. doi: 10.1680/tran.2010.163.1.29
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  • Montgomery FO (1984) Accurate travel times using portable tape recorders, Traffic Engineering & Control, 25, pp.310-313.


  • Bielli M; Ambrosino G; Boero M; Dougherty MS; Ibbetson LJ; Kirby HR; Montgomery FO (1994) Artificial Intelligence Applications to Traffic Engineering, VSP Utrecht, Netherlands.

Book Chapters

  • Liu R; Clark SD; Montgomery FO; Watling DP (1998) Microscopic modelling of traffic management measures for guided bus operation, In: Zhang G (Ed) Theory and Applications of Traffic and Transport Systems Engineering, ASCE Press New York, pp.160-170.


  • Marler NW; Montgomery FO (1993) Urban Road Traffic Surveys, .
  • Montgomery FO (1991) Report of 23rd Conference, pp.149-150.

Conference Papers

  • Nguyen QH; Montgomery FO (2007) Saturation Flow and Vehicle Equivalence Factors in Traffic Dominated by Motorcycles, 86th Annual Meeting of Transportation Research Board, Washington D.C. January, 2007. .
  • Nguyen QH; Montgomery FO (2006) Comparison of Discharge Patterns at Traffic Signals, 85th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board 2006 .
  • Wang J; Liu R; Montgomery FO (2005) A Simulation Model of Motorway Merging Behaviour, Transportation and Traffic Theory: Flows, Dynamics and Human Interaction .
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