Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)

Academic Staff

  Dr Maria-Jose Ambrosio-AlbalaResearch Fellow - Transport Energy Demand    Email Maria-Jose Ambrosio-Albala
  Professor Jillian AnableProfessor of Transport and Energy    Email Jillian Anable
  Dr Al BakerResearch Assistant   Email Al Baker
  Dr Narasimha (Chandra) BalijepalliLecturer    Email Narasimha (Chandra) Balijepalli
  Dr Yvonne BarnardSenior Research Fellow   Email Yvonne Barnard
  Professor Richard BatleyDirector of the Institute
Professor of Transport Demand & Valuation
   Email Richard Batley
  Samuel  BennettResearch Assistant - Smart Travel Behaviour   Email Samuel  Bennett
  Professor Peter BonsallEmeritus Professor   Email Peter Bonsall
  Dr Chiara CalastriResearch Fellow    Email Chiara Calastri
  Dr Morgan CampbellResearch Fellow in Urban Governance   Email Morgan Campbell
  Professor Oliver CarstenProfessor of Transport Safety   Email Oliver Carsten
  Dr Haibo ChenPrincipal Research Fellow   Email Haibo Chen
  Dr Charisma ChoudhuryAssociate Professor in Transport Engineering & Emerging Economies   Email Charisma Choudhury
  Dr Richard ConnorsSenior Research Fellow   Email Richard Connors
  Dr Romain CrastesResearch Fellow in Choice Modelling   Email Romain Crastes
  Professor Andrew DalyEmeritus Professor   Email Andrew Daly
  Professor Joyce DargayEmeritus Professor of Transport Econometrics   Email Joyce Dargay
  Professor Gerard de JongResearch Professor   Email Gerard de Jong
  Dr Thijs  DekkerLecturer in Transport Economics    Email Thijs  Dekker
  Dr Charles FoxAcademic Fellow   Email Charles Fox
  Oscar GilesResearch Fellow   Email Oscar Giles
  Professor Susan Grant-MullerProfessor of Technologies & Informatics   Email Susan Grant-Muller
  Foroogh HajiseyedjavadiResearch Fellow - Driver Modelling   Email Foroogh Hajiseyedjavadi
  Layik  HamaResearch Fellow in Active Travel Futures   Email Layik  Hama
  Dr Gillian HarrisonResearch Fellow   Email Gillian Harrison
  Dr Eva HeinenUniversity Academic Fellow   Email Eva Heinen
  Professor Stephane HessProfessor of Choice Modelling / Director of the Choice Modelling Centre (CMC)    Email Stephane Hess
  Dr Daryl HibberdVisiting Research Fellow   Email Daryl Hibberd
  Frances HodgsonSenior Research Fellow   Email Frances Hodgson
  Tony HorrobinResearch Officer   Email Tony Horrobin
  Dr Yue  HuangLecturer in Transport Engineering    Email Yue  Huang
  Dr Hamish JamsonPrincipal Research Fellow   Email Hamish Jamson
  Professor Samantha JamsonStaff Development Director & Deputy Director   Email Samantha Jamson
  Dr Like JiangResearch and Teaching Fellow in Spatial Analysis   Email Like Jiang
  Daniel JohnsonSenior Research Fellow & Postgraduate Research Tutor   Email Daniel Johnson
  Dr Ian JonesVisiting Research Fellow   Email Ian Jones
  Dr Ann JopsonResearch Fellow   Email Ann Jopson
  Charlotte KellySenior Research Fellow   Email Charlotte Kelly
  Dr Frank LaiSenior Research Fellow / Director of International Teaching Partnerships   Email Frank Lai
  Dr Chris LeahyResearch Fellow in Spatial Econometrics   Email Chris Leahy
  Dr Yee Mun LeeResearch Fellow - Human Factors of Vehicle Automation    Email Yee Mun Lee
  Professor Ronghui LiuProfessor of Networks and Transport Operations / Director of International Activities   Email Ronghui Liu
  Dr Tyron LouwResearch Fellow   Email Tyron Louw
  Dr Robin LovelaceUniversity Academic Fellow - Transport and Big Data    Email Robin Lovelace
  Professor Karen LucasProfessor of Transport & Social Analysis   Email Karen Lucas
  Professor Peter MackieEmeritus Professor   Email Peter Mackie
  Dr Ruth MadiganResearch Fellow - Human Factors of Vehicle Automation    Email Ruth Madigan
  Dr Gustav MarkkulaAssociate Professor   Email Gustav Markkula
  Professor Greg MarsdenProfessor of Transport Governance   Email Greg Marsden
  Bryan MatthewsSenior Research Fellow   Email Bryan Matthews
  Dr Giulio MattioliResearch Fellow   Email Giulio Mattioli
  Professor Tony MayEmeritus Professor in Transport Engineering   Email Tony May
  Professor Natasha MeratProfessor   Email Natasha Merat
  Dr David MilneLecturer   Email David Milne
  Dr Malcolm MorganResearch Fellow   Email Malcolm Morgan
  Dr Eleonora MorgantiSenior Research Fellow - Freight & City Logistics   Email Eleonora Morganti
  Dr Caroline MullenSenior Research Fellow   Email Caroline Mullen
  Professor Chris NashResearch Professor   Email Chris Nash
  Dr John NellthorpSenior Research Fellow   Email John Nellthorp
  Dr Manuel Ojeda CabralSenior Research Fellow in Transport Economics & Appraisal   Email Manuel Ojeda Cabral
  Dr David PalmaResearch Fellow in Advanced Choice Modelling   Email David Palma
  Dr Kate PangbourneUniversity Academic Fellow   Email Kate Pangbourne
  Dr Ian PhilipsResearch Fellow   Email Ian Philips
  Professor Richard RomanoChair in Driving Simulation   Email Richard Romano
  Dr Karl RopkinsSenior Research Fellow   Email Karl Ropkins
  Professor Simon ShepherdProfessor of Transport Modelling and Policy Design & Director of Research and Innovation   Email Simon Shepherd
  Jeremy ShiresSenior Research Fellow   Email Jeremy Shires
  Professor Andrew SmithProfessor   Email Andrew Smith
  Professor Nigel SmithProfessor of Project & Transport Infrastructure Management   Email Nigel Smith
  Dr Albert Solernou CrusatSimulation Software Development Scientist    Email Albert Solernou Crusat
  Dr Alex Steadm2i Research Fellow in Efficiency Analysis    Email Alex Stead
  Dr James TateAssociate Professor   Email James Tate
  Dr Jean-Christophe ThiebaudResearch Fellow - Transport Economics   Email Jean-Christophe Thiebaud
  Dr Paul TimmsSenior Research Fellow   Email Paul Timms
  Dr Andrew TomlinsonResearch Assistant   Email Andrew Tomlinson
  Dr Jeremy TonerSenior Lecturer in Transport Economics   Email Jeremy Toner
  Dr Guilhermina (Mina) TorraoResearch Fellow   Email Guilhermina (Mina) Torrao
  Dr James (Jim) UttleyResearch Fellow   Email James (Jim) Uttley
  Dr Zia WadudAssociate Professor   Email Zia Wadud
  Dr Judith WangAssociate Professor in Transport Engineering - Resilient Transportation   Email Judith Wang
  Patrick  WardWeb Content Management System (WCMS) Officer    Email Patrick  Ward
  Professor Mark WardmanVisiting Professor   Email Mark Wardman
  Professor Dave WatlingCentenary Professor of Transport Analysis   Email Dave Watling
  Dr Chongfeng WeiResearch Fellow in Simulation Based Autonomous Vehicle Validation   Email Chongfeng Wei
  Dr Phill WheatAssociate Professor & Director of Student Education   Email Phill Wheat
  Dr Anthony WhiteingDeputy Director of Student Education   Email Anthony Whiteing

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