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Professor Andrew Daly

Emeritus Professor

Email: andrew@alogit.com_
Research Group: Choice Modelling

Key Research Interests

  • choice modelling
  • travel demand modelling
  • model estimation and optimisation
  • software development and support
  • estimation of consumer valuations

Employment History

  • Project Manager, Local Government OR Unit, Reading, 1969-77
  • Director, Cambridge Systematics Europe and Vice-President, Cambridge Systematics Inc., The Hague, 1977-85
  • Co-Founder and Director, Hague Consulting Group, The Hague, 1985-2001
  • Modelling Director, then Senior Adviser, RAND Europe, Leiden and Cambridge, 2001-date
  • Software developer, HCG Software, 2001-2006 and ALOGIT Software & Analysis, 2007-date
  • Research Professor, ITS, 1998-date


  • BA, Mathematics, Oxford University, 1969

Professional Engagements

  • member of organising committees for conferences
  • Chair, Methodological Innovations Committee, European Transport Conference 2003-2006
  • frequent reviewer for journals

Research Projects and Experience

  • manager and/or supervising director and/or adviser for several hundred professional or academic projects
  • contract negotiation, report writing, presentation
  • adviser to governments on transport modelling


  • supervised 2 Masters theses and 2 Ph.D. students
  • external examiner for 6 Ph.D. theses in 4 other countries
  • many occasional lectures and seminars at ITS and other universities



Book Chapters

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