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Conference on
Acceptability of Transport Pricing Strategies
Dresden, Germany 23-24 May 2002


Acceptance of pricing systems is one of the important factors in managing new technology in transport. If acceptance is not taken into consideration the risk of unsuccessful investments in the policy implementation may appear. More

MC-ICAM-project studied and promoted this issue by arranging a special seminar to discuss topical problems and solutions with international experts of the area. The conference was arranged at Hotel Elbflorentz in Dresden by Technical University of Dresden.

Papers presented

Seminar programme (PDF)

Session One - Key Notes

  • Recent charging policy developments
    Catharina Sikow (European Commission, DG TREN)
  • Acceptability of transport pricing strategies: Meeting the challenge
    Peter Jones (U Westminster)
  • Why are efficient transport policy instruments so seldom applied?
    Bruno Frey (U Zurich)
  • Urban road pricing in Norway: Public acceptability and travel behaviour
    Terje Tretvik (SINTEF Trondheim)
  • The efficiency costs of acceptability measures
    Stef Proost (U Leuven)

Session Two - State of the art: European research results

  • European research results on acceptability of TDM and pricing measures
    Jens Schade (TU Dresden)
  • The 'Pricing Measures Acceptance' (PRIMA) research project of DG TREN
    Peter Güller (Synergo, Zurich)
  • Environmental awareness and acceptability of pricing policy in Germany
    Udo Kuckartz, Heiko Grunenberg (U Marburg)
  • An empirical comparison of public and political acceptability: what are the differences?
    Heike Link(DIW Berlin)
  • The acceptability of pricing changes in road transport: how to reconcile efficiency and equity?
    Charles Raux & Stéphanie Souche (LET, Lyon)
  • Price acceptability in the transport sector: Lessons from the PATS project
    José M Viegas & Rosário Macário (TIS, Lisbon)

Session Three - Factors influencing acceptability

  • Factors influencing the effectiveness and acceptability of pricing strategies"
    Linda Steg (U Groningen)
  • Acceptability of road user charging influenced by system characteristics and individuals' perspectives
    Sittha Jaensirisak, Anthony D. May, & Mark R. Wardman (ITS Leeds)
  • The influence of asking order. Empirical findings from Germany
    Olaf Hölzer (U Heidelberg)
  • Individually specific uncertainty and the political acceptability of road pricing policies
    Edoardo Marcucci & Marco Marini, (U Urbino)
  • What would you accept? Effectiveness, Equity and other factors explaining the acceptability of transport policies
    Daniel Rölle/Christoph Weber (U Stuttgart), Sebastian Bamberg (TUD)
  • Public acceptability of traffic policy measures: The role of justice
    Heidi Ittner, Ralf Becker & Elisabeth Kals (U Trier)
  • Road user charging: Option generation and public acceptability
    Nazan Celikel (U Westminster)
  • Goal conflicts in political decision making: A survey of municipality politicians´ views of road pricing
    Tommy Gärling (U Gothenburg)
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