The FATIMA approach involved the application of the same study method to nine cities, chosen to reflect a range of urban transport policy contexts in Europe (Table 1). The method involved:

Table 1: The FATIMA cities
 Edinburgh MAMerseyside MAViennaEisenstadtTromsøOslo MAHelsinki MATorino MASalerno
Population (k)4201440154010579199101450149
Density (persons /ha)29.922.
Car ownership (cars per person)0.320.270.320.660.380.440.330.650.53
Trips by car (%)51*78*375654624767*40
* motorised trips only

Table 2: Summary of the FATIMA objective functions
Objective functionAcronymDescription
Economic Efficiency Function that considers environmental costs EEFP A measure of net present benefits to travellers, operators and government. A shadow price on the net outlay and generation of public funds (compared to the do-minimum strategy) is included, as is a shadow priceon the local environment and safety.
Sustainability Objective Function SOF A measure of net present benefitsto travellers, operators and government in a future target year. It imposes a very high shadow price on fuel and has the constraint thatfuel consumption is less than for the do-minimum strategy.
Benchmark Objective Function BOF An idealised economic function which balances the interests of the current generation with those of future generations.BOF is a weighted sum of EEFP and SOF.
Constrained Objective Function COF An extension of BOF, but which assumes that public finance is constrained to the do-minimum level.
Regulated Objective Function ROF An extension of COF, which recognises that extra (private) finance can be input to the transport systemthrough value capture.
Deregulated Objective Function DOF An extension of COF which assumesthat full control of public transport is handed to the private sector, with no public subsidy.
Half-regulated Objective Function HOF An extension of DOF but whichpermits subsidy to privately-run public transport to be made, but only if the present value of finance is positive.

Table 3: Measures tested in FATIMA, their aggregation and ranges
Policy measureRange
High public transport infrastructure investment n/a 0 1 (dummy)
Medium public transport infrastructure investment n/a 0 1 (dummy)
Increase/decrease of road capacity whole city -20% +10%
Increase/decrease in public transport frequency whole city; all-day, peak, off-peak -50% (-30% for Torino) +100% (+30% for Torino)
Road pricing to enter city centre city centre; all-day, peak, off-peak 0 5.0 euros
Increase/decrease in parking charges city centre; long & short term, long term, short term -100% +300% (+100% for Torino)
Increase/decrease in public transport fares whole city; all-day, peak, off-peak -100% (-50% for Helsinki) +100%