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Dr Caroline Mullen

Senior Research Fellow

Research Group Leader for Social and Political Sciences

Phone: +44 (0)113 34 35343
Room: 1.14
Research Group: Social and Political Sciences, Social and Political Sciences

 Research interests

  • Implications of equality, distributive fairness and ethics of risk for sustainable transport, especially walking and cycling.
  • Application of political and ethical theory to policy and planning in transport, health and environment. 
  • Governance: particularly theory and application of deliberative and reflexive governance. Questions of legitimacy in deliberative democracy and other forms of public participation.  

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  •  PhD: Centre for Social Ethics and Policy, School of Law, at the University of Manchester. ‘Sustaining life, enabling activity and inflicting death: What risk and physical harm caused by transport is morally defensible?
  • MA Philosophy. University of Leeds
  • BA (Hons.) Philosophy. University of Leeds.

 Recent Positions

  • Research Officer, Centre for European Law and Legal Studies, School of Law, University of Leeds. Research on Reflexive Governance in the Public Interest (REFGOV) project (2008-2010).
  • Researcher for Database of Non-Governmental Organisations (DANGO) Project, Centre for Contemporary Governance and Citizenship in the UK, University of Birmingham (2007-2008). Honorary Research Fellow (2007-2008) and Visiting Lecturer on Human Rights (2007), at the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics, Department of Philosophy, University of Birmingham.
  • Property Regulation in European Science, Ethics and Law (PropEur) Project Officer, Centre for the Study of Global Ethics, Department of Philosophy, University of Birmingham. Conducted research on ethical and legal questions in governance of property in human plant and animal genomes, and in the information society (2005-2007).





"Need, mobility poverty and the ethics of the future cost of mobility: Greg Marsden and Caroline Mullen. This is part of the DEMAND Centre: Dynamics of Energy, Mobility and Demand (ESRC/EPSRC with support from ECLEER (EDF R&D), Transport for London and the International Energy Agency).


CH4LLENGE: Addressing the four Key Challenges of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning, 2013-2016 (Co-Funded by Intelligent Energy Europe). Project Manager for ITS' role  Disruption: unlocking low carbon travel (EPSRC, RCUK Energy). Researcher

Multi-level Governance, Transport Policy and Carbon Emissions Management (ESRC)  Researcher

Competitive Cities: The Network and Long term impacts of fiscal Management of Transport Demand (EPSRC); Researcher

Understanding Walking and Cycling (EPSRC),Researcher

Sustainable Transport Evidence and modelling Paradigms: Cohort Household Analysis to support New Goals in Engineering design - STEP-CHANGE (EPSRC).Researcher.

PhD Supervision. 

I am happy to discuss PhD proposals on topics including:

·         Urban mobility planning

·         Walking and cycling

·         Social, economic and environmental justice in mobility and transport

Supervision of Masters dissertations in Institute for Transport Studies and School of Earth and Environment 

Teaching on Masters’ modules

·         Environmental Science and Sustainability for Transport TRAN5014

·         Shaping Transport Futures TRAN5015

·         Transport and Urban Pollution TRAN5691M





  • Pooley CG; Jones T; Tight M; Horton D; Scheldeman G; Mullen CA; Jopson A; Strano E (2013) Promoting walking and cycling: new perspectives on sustainable travel, Policy Press.
  • Widdows H; Mullen C; Manson NC; Holm S; Brownsword R; Wilson S; Hunter KG; Laurie GT; Edgar A; Chadwick R; Strange H (2009) The Governance of Genetic Information: Who Decides?, Cambridge Law, Medicine and Ethics, Cambridge University Press.

Book Chapters

  • Jones T; Horton D; Mullen C; Pooley C; Scheldeman G; Strano E; Tight M (2013) The role of street network connectivity and access to everyday facilities in shaping everyday walking and cycling in English cities,, In: Gerike R; Hülsmann F; Roller K (Ed) Strategies for Sustainable Mobilities, .
  • Mullen C (2012) Mobility (transport), In: Chadwick R (Ed) Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics (2nd ed.), 3, Academic Press.
  • Vincent-Jones P; Mullen C (2010) From Collaborative to Genetic Governance: The Example of Healthcare Services in England, In: de Schutter O; Lenoble J (Ed) Reflexive Governance, Hart Publishing, pp.147-177.
  • Mullen CA (2009) An investigation of the conception, management and regulation of tangible and intangible property in human tissue: the PropEur project, In: Steinmann M; Sýkora P; Wiesing U (Ed) Altruism reconsidered, Ashgate Pub Co, pp.169-179.
  • Mullen C (2009) Decisions, consent and expectations of the individual, In: Widdows H; Mullen CA (Ed) The Governance of Genetic Information: Who Decides?, Cambridge Law, Medicine and Ethics, Cambridge University Press, pp.51-72.
  • Mullen C (2009) The Model of Trust, In: Steinmann; M; Sykora; P; Wiesing; U (Ed) Altruism reconsidered. Exploring new approaches to property in human tissue, Medical Law and Ethics, Ashgate, pp.149-160.


Conference Papers

Conference Presentations

  • Mullen CA; Marsden G (2016) Unconsidered futures: Limits of economic assumptions in forecasts for electric vehicles, .
  • Marsden G; Mullen CA (2013) How is transport used for city-competitiveness?, Transportation Practitioners’ Meeting 2013 .
  • Marsden G; Balijepalli NC; Koh A; Mullen CA; Shepherd SP; Watling DP (2013) Understanding and Modelling Decision-Making for Intra-Regional Demand Management Policies, 2013 .
  • Marsden G; Bache I; Bartle I; Docherty I; Flinders M; Mullen CA; Rye T (2013) The realities of carbon management - why governance matters in the transport sector, WCTR .
  • Marsden G; Mullen CA (2012) How does competition between cities influence demand management?, 2012 .

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