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Dr Charles Fox

Academic Fellow

Research Group: Human Factors and Safety

Dr Charles Fox is a University Academic Fellow in Vehicle and Road Automation.    He researches autonomous off-road,  on-road, and road-side perception, control and data systems, using primarily Bayesian methods.     Recent projects include InnovateUK IBEX2 off-road autonomous agricultural vehicle control and perception in extreme terrains; FP7 CityMobil2 pedestrian detection analystics; and Automated Number Plate Recognition analytics for the Highways Agency.  He teaches the Data Analytics for Transport MSc module.

Dr Fox studied Computer Science at the University of Cambridge, Cognitive Science at the University of Edinburgh, and was awarded his DPhil from the Robotics Research Group at the University of Oxford.  He has worked as a robotics researcher at the Sheffield Center for Robotics and as a high frequency trader for hedge fund Algometrics. 

PhD projects may be available for self-funded students.   Funded projects will be advertised on but speculative PhD and postdoc applications are very warmly welcomed and will be kept on file for when new projects are funded.   Possible topics include self-driving vehicle perception and control; agricultural robotics and plant recognition;  pedestrian, vehicle and cylist detection,  tracking, and event modelling; sensor networks;  and "big data" analytics / machine learning from vehicle and sensor data.

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Module manager, TRAN5340M Transport Data Science (15 credits, MSc)


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Book Chapters

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Conference Papers

  • Fox C; Camara F; Markkula G; Romano R; Madigan R; Merat N (2018) When should the chicken cross the road?: Game theory for autonomous vehicle - human interactions, To be confirmed .
  • Camara F; Romano R; Markkula G; Madigan R; Merat N; Fox C (2018) Empirical game theory of pedestrian interaction for autonomous vehicles, Proceedings of Measuring Behavior 2018 .
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