Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)


Syed Abdul Rahman

Country: India

Name: Syed Abdul Rahman

Company: Indian Railways

Position: Deputy Chief Operations Manager

ITS Course: MSc (Eng) Transport Planning, 2013 & MA Transport Economics, 2014

My current designation is Deputy Chief Operations Manager (Planning and Project) at Indian Railways. My role is to plan infrastructure requirements for the South Eastern regional railway. Specific responsibilities involve assessing infrastructural requirements for both long and medium term, particularly with a view to removing operational bottlenecks and expanding network capacity, based on the industrial, economic and socio-demographic projections.  Works planning, preparing economic viability, ensuring fund availability and monitoring the actual execution of works are key responsibilities.  Indian Railway’s recent emphasis on attracting private capital for infrastructure development has made me responsible for inviting private investors to develop rail terminals and ensure a smooth passage from expression of interest through execution and subsequently to operation. 

ITS has helped me develop confidence in handling big projects and in understanding the economic and social impacts they would make on the regional economy. Efficiently handling large data sets, running complex econometric models and effectively communicating the relevant information are some of my important take-away skills from ITS. The modules at ITS have a right blend of theory and practice. Each assignment is like handling a real life situation with theoretical knowledge as a tool. Transport Economics, in particular, has modules that are of immense practical help and the skills learnt can be directly transferred to the working situations. For someone with work experience the courses at ITS can be very fulfilling. 

ITS is well known in my country for its best transport economics modules and teaching staff. A few senior colleagues from Indian Railways had been to ITS and spoke well of it. Developing an academic understanding of transport in general, and railways in particular, was my main motivation to choose ITS. 

If you are looking for a career in transport, ITS is one of the best places in the world to study. The teachings at ITS help you take on difficult challenges from day one. The modules are very well designed and taught by great minds in the field. If you already have some work experience in the field of transportation but have no academic training in transport, a course at ITS is a must. A career in transport is exciting as well as challenging given its multi-disciplinary and behavioural aspects. ITS with its multiple modules is best suited to prepare students and practitioners for the challenge that the transport sector is faced with, given increasing environmental concerns world over, growing equity problems and the rising economic aspirations, especially in developing countries.