Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)



Ki-Joon Kim

Country: Argentina

Name: Carla Galeota

Company: Secretaría de Planificación Territorial, Gobierno Nacional Argentina

Position: Independent Consultant in Transport Planning

ITS Course: MSc Transport Planning, 2003

My current job is to develop a Transport Strategy for San Juan City in order to achieve urban, economic and social objectives. I believe my experience at ITS has helped significantly to develop my professional skills in planning. City planning is not only developing transport but urban, economic and social areas. These areas must work together to meet the key objectives for the city.

Transport planning at ITS has been the basis for my career in developing transport as a key step in the planning of cities. Transport Planning in Latin American cities is in its early stages and my role in urban projects, especially in metropolitan areas in Argentina, is significant.

I was recommended to ITS as it is a State of the Art University in Transport Planning. As an architect and interested in urban planning and transport projects, I was lucky to meet two experts in Transport Planning who have taught me the best of this course and its professors.  Transport Planning in Argentina had not been developed in excellence so it was a big opportunity for me to meet the best people in transport planning in the UK.

I would recommend to anybody who is interested in city development to take a look at the ITS Transport Planning course. Contact ITS first as there are always people that can talk to you about the course and help you to build a good career. Transport is becoming one of the most important dimensions in the development of a City. The course in Transport Planning at ITS also gives you an opportunity to work in the different aspects of a City.  You might be interested more in urban or rural areas, congested areas, public transport,  transport management, transport modeling, new technology in transport, policy or planning. One of the most interesting parts of being a transport planner is that you have the opportunity of visiting different cities, learning about its characteristics, knowing the people moving around the city and understanding its culture! Working in Transport Planning is very motivating as you can understand the problems of a city, help develop solutions and plan for the future of it!