What is the forge?

This network is no longer being maintained as of April 2015. The website will be removed at the end of 2015.

Pressing and significant problems posed by the growth in transport and travel require major input from the social sciences. Since this is a field traditionally dominated by engineering and physical sciences, concerted efforts are needed to generate fresh perspectives and exploit theories and methods from other disciplines.

The Forge is a network of social science researchers interested in novel ways of conceptualising and analysing transport and travel. Its key objectives are to:

  • integrate transport researchers – often isolated in areas of applied research – in wider communities of social science/social theory.
  • promote substantive and critical discussion around topics relating to transport, travel and mobility from a range of social scientific perspectives.
  • develop a self-sustaining network of researchers in transport, travel and mobilities research that will provide a step-change in the research capacity of the community.

What does the forge do?

What does the forge do?

The network provides a means for research students, researchers and early career policy makers to meet, collaborate, publish and exchange ideas. Members of the network can use this website to set up profiles and find colleagues with common interests. They can also apply for small quantities of funding to set up and support meetings and workshops on specific topics of interest to other network members.

The annual Summer School is a focal point for the network and its activities. These events, to be run in 2011, 2012 and 2013, are open to research students from all areas of social science. Each year there will be 40 subsidised places available.