Traffic Management Module
Traffic Management Illustrations, by F.O. Montgomery

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1. Speed Reduction Measures

1.1 Traffic Calming on Main Roads through Villages

1.1.1 Experimental judder bars on approach to West Bretton, W Yorks.

General View of Traffic Calming
General view
Close up of Judder Bars
Close up of bars

1.1.2 Village Gateway (Pathhead, Lothian, Scotland)

Stone Gateposts: Optical Narrowing Effect
Stone 'gateposts' produce optical narrowing effect.
Note also rough red road surface incorporating speed limit reminder, 'slow' on road.

1.1.3 Village Gateway & Calming (Strathyre, Central, Scotland)

Timber gateposts: optical narrowing effect Non-standard centre and edge markings
Timber 'gateposts' produce optical narrowing effect.
Traffic island prevents overtaking.
Note '30' roundel and non-standard yellow centre/edge markings

1.1.4 Traffic calming through village of Auchtermuchty, Fife

30 speed roundel
Note rough red road surfacing, speed limit reminder.

1.2 Minor / Residential Roads

1.2.1 Narrowed entry to side road (Newlands, Glasgow)

View from side road
View from side road
View from major road
View from major road

1.2.2 Plastic road hump at exit from narrow side road (Monaco)

Plastic hump near exit
Note lack of footpath near exit, stop sign, lack of visibility

1.2.3 All-Way Stop Signs (Toronto, Canada)

Stop sign on major road
View to north along main road
Another stop sign
View to south along main road

2. Junctions

2.1 Roundabouts

2.1.1 Double (small) roundabout (Maybury, Edinburgh)

Double roundabout sign
Signing on approach
View of roundabout View of roundabout View of roundabout
3 Views of roundabout

3. Signing

3.1 Direction signs

3.1.1 'Strung bow' direction sign (A74, Scotland)

Sign for Gretna Green: Will consider offers to elope
Sign encourages travellers to visit indicated village(s), by showing that it is easy to rejoin original route.

3.2 Signing for Roadworks

3.2.1 Fixed lane closure (M6 Cumbria)

1 mile warning
1 mile warning: 'Men at work'
800 yards warning
800 yds warning: 'Road narrows'
400 yards warning
400 yds warning: 'Lane closed ahead'
Keep left sign
'Keep left' sign and taper of cones
Workmen placing cones
Workmen placing cones, and 'End' signs

3.2.2 Travelling lane closure (M6 Cumbria)

Signs are mounted on the back of slow-moving convoy of trucks, with flashing amber lights. This technique can be useful for operations such as gully-cleaning, white lining, which gradually move along the motorway.

Truck with 1 mile warning sign
1 mile warning: 'Men at work'
Truck with 800 yards warning sign
800 yds warning: 'Road narrows'
Truck with 150 yards warning sign
150 yds warning: 'Lane closed ahead'.
'Keep Left' sign is on back of truck in the far distance

3.2.3 Roadworks for Cabling (Leeds, 1995)

Roadworks sign Cones More cones
An example of good practice in roadworks signing.

4.1 Urban Traffic Control

4.1.1 UTC Centre Control Room (Paris, 1990)

Urban traffic Control Room Urban traffic Control Room

5.1 Highly Congested Networks

5.1.1 Rama I Rd at Henri Dunant Rd, Bangkok, 1984.

Congestion in Bangkok
The motorcyclists wearing numbered vests are licenced as taxis.

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