Abbreviations and Acronyms used in the Institute for Transport Studies

ITS Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds

Structure of ITS

DoR Director of Research
DLT Director of Learning and Teaching
IAG Institute Admin Group
MCC Masters Courses Committee
PRG Policy Review Group
RSG Research Strategy Group
TLC Teaching and Learning Cttee
SSC Staff - Student Cttee

ITS Facilities

iC Instrumented City
LADS Leeds Advanced Driving Simulator
LANTERN Leeds health Air pollution, Noise, Traffic and Emissions Research Network

Masters Courses

MA MA Transport Economics
MBA MBA Transport Management
MSc MSc Transport Planning
MSc MSc Transport Planning Practice
MSc(Eng) MSc(Eng) Transport Planning and Engineering
MRes MRes in the Built Environment

Core Modules

PTEc TRAN505 Principles of Transport Economics
PTEng TRAN507 Principles of Transport Engineering
PTM TRAN502 Principles of Transport Modelling
TDCA TRAN503 Transport Data Collection and Analysis
TEc TRAN511 Transport Econometrics
TEfP TRAN509 Transport Engineering for Planners
TPPol TRAN504 Transport Planning and Policy
TPPrac TRAN501 Transport Planning Practice
WEc TRAN506 Welfare Economics and Cost Benefit Analysis

Optional Modules

AAP TRAN510 Accident Analysis & Prevention
ATS TRAN519 Air Transport Systems
CIT TRAN514 Current Issues in Transport
DAMP CIVE5946 Deterioration & Maintenance of Pavements
EnEc BUEC519 Environmental Economics
ETA TRAN515 Economics of Transport Appraisal
ETR TRAN527 Economics of Transport Regulation
FTPM TRAN516 Freight Transport Planning & Management
MonTP TRAN569 Monitoring Traffic Pollution
ModTP TRAN570 Modelling Traffic Pollution
MPTS TRAN572 Managing Public Transport Systems
MTS TRAN560 Marketing Transport Services
NAM TRAN529 Network Analysis Models
PFin TRAN508 Project Finance
PTPI TRAN573 Public Transport Planning & Investment
PTPM TRAN518 Public Transport Planning & Management
RID TRAN524 Road Infrastructure Design
SNTT TRAN571 Safety of New Technology in Transport
SPAM TRAN528 Stated Preference Analysis Methods
TCS TRAN520 Traffic Control Systems
T&E TRAN523 Transport and the Environment
TEc TRAN511 Transport Econometrics
TIA TRAN563 Transport Investment Appraisal
TMAM TRAN562 Transport Market Analysis Methods
TMan TRAN521 Traffic Management
TMod TRAN522 Traffic Microsimulation Models
TNMP TRAN574 Traffic Network Modelling Practice

Other Departments at Leeds

CERI Civil Engineering Research Institute
DCE (ex) Department of Civil Engineering
ISS Information Systems Services
LUBS Leeds University Business School
SCE School of Civil Engineering
UCS (ex)University Computing Service (now ISS)

Buildings on Leeds campus

EBL Edward Boyle Library
MJ Mouat Jones coffee bar
RBLT Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre (Arts Block)


JTEP Journal of Transport Economics and Policy
LTT Local Transport Today
TEC Traffic Engineering and Control


CODATU Conference sur le Developpement et l'Amenagement des Transports Urbains dans les Pays en Developpement
ETF European Transport Forum (run by PTRC)
IATBR International Association for Travel Behaviour Research
ISATA International Symposium on Advanced Transport Applications
ISTTT International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory
PTRC Planning Transportation Research and Computation
REAAA Road Engineering Association of Asia and Australasia
TRB Transportation Research Board (USA)
UTSG Universities Transport Study Group
VNIS Vehicle Navigation and Information Systems
WCTR World Conference on Transport Research

Funding Bodies

BC British Council
DFID Department for International Development(UK)
EPSRC Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (UK)
ESRC Economic and Social Research Council (UK)
ODA (ex)Overseas Development Administration (UK)

Computer Programs

AIMSUN Advanced Interactive Microscopic Simulator for Urban and Non-Urban Networks.
ALOGIT (Discrete choice logit models)
ARCADY Assessment of Roundabout CApacity and DelaY
ASTRID Automatic SCOOT Traffic Information Database
CAPSET (Improved combination of SIGCAP & SIGSET)
COBA COst Benefit Analysis (program used for UK road schemes)
CONTRAM Continuous Traffic Assignment Model
DRACULA Dynamic Route Assignment Combining User Learning and microsimulAtion
HCS Highway Capacity Software (USA)
LASP Leeds Adaptive Stated Preference
LINSIG (Program to design traffic signal settings)
MASCOT Multicriteria Assessment of Scheme Options in Transport
NEMIS NEtwork MIcroSimulation
NETSIM (Network simulation program developed by FHWA)
OSCADY Optimised Signals CApacity and DelaY
PARAMICS (Microscopic traffic simulation software)
PICADY Priority Intersections CApacity and DelaY
PLUTO Planning Land-Use and Transport Options
SAS Statistical Analysis System
SATURN Simulation & Assignment of Traffic to Urban Road Networks
SCOOT Split, Cycle & Offset Optimisation Technique
SIDRA Signal Intersection Design & Research Aid (ARRB)
SIGCAP (Program for assessing traffic capacity of signal controlled junctions)
SIGSET (Program for calculating traffic signal settings)
SPOT Sistemma Per Optimizatione di Trafico
SPSS Statistical Package for the Social Sciences
TRANSYT Traffic Network StudY Tool
TRICS Trip Rate Information Computer System
TRIO (Box-Cox Transformed Logit)
TRIPS (Transportation planning software package)
VISSIM (Visual traffic simulation tool)
VLADIMIR Variable Legend Assessment Device for Investigation of Individual Route choice

Consultants & Research Organisations

HFA (ex) Halcrow Fox Associates (now Halcrow)
JMP JMP Consultants Ltd
MVA The MVA Consultancy
NERA National Economic Research Associates
OFTPA (ex) Oscar Faber / Transport Planning Associates
RRL (ex) Road Research Laboratory
SDG Steer Davies Gleave
SKM Sinclair Knight Mertz
SWK Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick
TPi Transportation Planning (International) Ltd
TRL Transport Research Laboratory
TRRL (ex) Transport & Road Research Laboratory

Professional Bodies

CIT Chartered Institute of Transport (Intnl)
CSS County Surveyors' Society (UK)
ICE Institution of Civil Engineers (UK)
IEE Institution of Electrical Engineers (UK)
IEEE Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (USA)
IHT Institution of Highways and Transportation (UK)
ILT Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK)
ITE Institute of Transportation Engineers (USA)
TEG Transport Economists Group
TPS Transport Planning Society (UK)

Commercial & Trade Associations

APTA American Public Transport Association
BRF British Roads Federation
CBI Confederation of British Industry
FTA Freight Transport Association (UK)
RHA Road Haulage Association (UK)

Local Government

AMA (ex) Association of Metropolitan Authorities
ATCo Association of Transport Coordinators
GLA Greater London Authority
LGA Local Government Association
LPAC London Planning Advisory Council
LRT (ex)London Regional Transport
LT (ex)London Transport
LTP Local Transport Plan
LUL London Underground Ltd
PTA Passenger Transport Authority
PTE Passenger Transport Executive
TfL Transport for London
TPP (ex)Transport Policy and Programme
TSG Transport Supplementary Grant
UDP Unitary Development Plan

National Government

DDA Disability Discrimination Act
DETR (ex) Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions
DoE (ex) Department of the Environment
DoT (ex) Department of Transport
DTp (ex) Department of Transport
DTI Department of Trade & Industry
DTLR Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GNP Gross National Product
GOYH Government Office for Yorkshire and the Humber
HA Highways Agency
IRO Integrated Regional Office
OPRAF (ex)Office of Passenger Rail Franchising
ORR Office of the Rail Regulator
PACTS Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety
PPG Planning Policy Guidance
PSBR Public Sector Borrowing Requirement
RDA Regional Development Agency
RPG Regional Planning Guidance
RTS Regional Transport Strategy
SACTRA Standing Advisory Committee on Trunk Road Assessment
SEU Social Exclusion Unit
sSRA (Shadow) Strategic Rail Authority

European Community

CEC Commision of the European Communities
CORDIS Community Research and Development Information Service
DG Directorate General
DGTREN DG for Transport and Energy
DG VII (ex)DG for Transport
DG XIII (ex)DG for (inter alia) Telematics networks and services applied to transport
DRIVE Dedicated Road Infrastructure for Vehicle Efficiency & Safety in Europe
EC (ex) European Community
ECMT European Council of Ministers of Transport
ECU (ex) European Currency Unit
ERTICO European Road Transport Informatics Coordination Organisation
EU European Union
FP4 The 4th Framework Programme
PROMETHEUS PROgraMme for European Traffic with Highest Efficiency and Unprecedented Safety
RACE Research and development programme in Advanced Communications technologies in Europe
TEN Trans European Network
TERN TransEuropean Road Network
THERMIE (European Technologies for Energy Management)

DRIVE projects

ADEPT Automatic Debiting and Electronic Payment for Transport
ALERT Advice and Problem Location for European Road Traffic
CASH Coordination of Activities for Standardisation of Hades
GEMINI Generation of Messages in the New Integrated Road Transport Environment
HOPES HOrizontal Project for the Evaluation of Safety
PAMELA Pricing and Monitoring Automatically of Automobiles
PRIMAVERA Priority Management for Vehicle Efficiency, Environment & Road Safety on Arterials
ROMANSE Road Management System for Europe
SCOPE Applications of ATT in Southampton, Cologne and Piraeus
VRU-TOO Vulnerable Road User Traffic Observation and Optimisation

FP4 Projects

CLEOPATRA CLEOPATRA(1); City Laboratories Enabling Organisation of Particularly Advanced Telematics Research and Assessment.
SOFTICE Survey on Freight Transport Including Cost Comparison in Europe
STEMM Strategic European Multi-Modal Modelling

Other International Organisations

ADB Asian Development Bank
ARRB Australian Road Research Board
ASEAN Association of South East Asian Nations
EBRD European Bank for Reconstruction & Development
EFTA European Free Trade Association
EIB European Investment Bank
FHWA Federal HighWay Administration (USA)
FTA Federal Transit Administration (USA)
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction & Development (see WB)
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation
IMF International Monetary Fund
ISO International Standards Organisation
NAFTA North American Free Trade Area
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
OECD Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development
PIARC Permanent International Association of Road Congresses
UN United Nations
WB World Bank (another name for IBRD)

Transport Jargon

ADS Automatic Debiting System
AID Automatic Incident Detection
ANPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition
ATC (ex) Area Traffic Control
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATP Automatic Train Protection
ATT (ex) Advanced (Road) Transport Telematics
AVI Automatic Vehicle Identification
AVL Automatic Vehicle Location
AWS Automatic Warning System
CITRAC Centrally Integrated TRAffic Control (Glasgow)
DBFO Design, Build, Finance, Operate
DBO Design, Build, Operate
ERP Electronic Road Pricing
ETC Electronic Toll Collection
ETM Electronic Ticket Machine
EVSC External Vehicle Speed Control
FEDICS Forth Estuary Driver Information & Control System
GCP Green Commuter Plan
GTP Green Travel Plan
GVW Gross Vehicle Weight
HGV Heavy Goods Vehicle
ISA Intelligent Speed Adaptation
ITS Intelligent Transport Systems
IVHS (ex) Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems
IVU In-Vehicle Unit
JIT Just-in-time
LGV Light Goods Vehicle
LoLo Lift On Lift Off
LRT Light Rail Transit
NRTF National Road Traffic Forecasts
NTS National Travel Survey
OGV Other Goods Vehicle (Same as HGV)
OTU Outstation Transmission Unit
PSV Passenger Service Vehicle
RDC Regional Distribution Centre
RHTM Regional Highway Traffic Model
RoRo Roll On Roll Off
RP Revealed Preference
RTA Road Traffic Accident
RTCC Regional Traffic Control Centre
RTI (ex) Road Transport Informatics
RTT Road Transport Telematics
RUC Road User Charging
SP Stated Preference
SVD Selective Vehicle Detection
SVDD Speed Violation Detection and Deterrence
TMC Traffic Message Channel (Radio)
TGV Train Grande Vitesse (French High Speed Train)
TP Transfer Price
TPWS Train Protection Warning System
TTIC Traffic and Travel Information Centre
UIC Union Internationale des Chemin De Fer
UTC Urban Traffic Control
UTMC Urban Traffic Management and Control
VED Vehicle Excise Duty
VMS Variable Message Sign

Other Related Jargon

AI Artificial Intelligence
BAP Bearer Application Protocol
BIF Bearer Independent Format
BS British Standard
CCTV Closed Circuit Television
CEN Comite European de Normalisation
DSRC Dedicated Short Range Communication
EBU European Broadcasting Union
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GIS Geographic Information System
GNP Gross National Product
GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System
GPS Global Positioning System
GSM Global System of Mobile Communications
HMI Human-Machine Interface
html hypertext mark-up language
http hypertext transfer protocol
ISO International Standards Organisation
KBS Knowledge Based System
MMI Man-Machine Interface
MNL MultiNomial Logit Model
OLS Ordinary Least Squares
OPAC Online Public Access Catalogue
PC Personal Computer
PMR Private Mobile Radio
PPP Public - Private Partnership
RDS Radio Data System
RDS(TMC) Radio Data System (Traffic Message Channel)
TETRA Trans-European Trunked Radio
TLA Three Letter Acronym
URL Universal Resource Locator
VCR Video Cassette Recorder
WWW World-Wide Web

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