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Dynamic Route Assignment Combining User Learning and microsimulAtion

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 DRACULA has been developed at Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds under research grants since 1993.
 In its full form, DRACULA represents complete transport trip mechanisms, from a choice of where and when to travel, to the choice of mode and the simulation of the entire journey by motorised means at microscopic level.
 The current release extracts the network/journey side of the model, comprising modules to prepare networks for micro-simulation (DRACPREP) and to undertake and view the simulation (DRACSIM).
 DRACULA offers a high level of SATURN compatibility and shares common network formats, so the transition to micro-simulation from SATURN is easily achieved. It can be used for a wide range of operational tests, including the analysis of local traffic management options and control strategies. Facilities for evaluating public transport priority measures are well developed and feature strongly.

Last updated: 7th July 2008