Introduction to DRACULA:

DRACULA is a SATURN compatible traffic micro-simulation model, which is able to represent the progress of and interactions between individual vehicles as they pass through a road network. An important and attractive feature of DRACULA is the animation of vehicle flows, which is invaluable in giving insight into the response of traffic to different network layouts and control strategies. DRACULA is aimed primarily at the kind of operational and time-varying problems, which essentially static models like SATURN find difficult to address.

The background to DRACULA, including its objectives, features, publications and existing and future application areas is described below. The presentation additionally highlights the close relationship between DRACULA and SATURN, and in particular the straightforward way in which DRACULA networks and trip data are generated from existing SATURN models.

DRACULA has been developed at Leeds ITS over a seven-year period and has been used on project work by Atkins for a substantial period of time. Orders are being taken from prospective users now. Prices for the early-bird release start at 2250 for a single copy licence, subject to substantial review next year. Leeds University ITS and WS Atkins are committed to the further development of DRACULA and believe it will be a tool of major importance to modellers in the future. If you want to know more or would like to use DRACULA and influence its continuing development, contact me now.