Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)

Travel behaviour and social inequalities

Exploring unequal mobility and its social consequences

This theme considers the links between people’s social and geographical contexts and their travel behaviours with particular emphasis on the interface between transport and social equity. It includes investigation of a broad range of theoretical and policy practice issues. The position of socially disadvantaged groups in the context of current and emerging travel, transport and land use trends at the micro, mesa and macro level are explored.

Some indicative projects under this theme include:

Modelling the Relationships between Transport Poverty and Social Disadvantage This ESRC Mid-Career Fellowship funds a programme of advanced research by Professor Karen Lucas to explore and develop the use of socially disaggregate transport models within policy decision-making.  It builds on Dr Lucas’ extensive previous research with socially disadvantaged groups in different geographical contexts. It examines the value of applying socio-theoretical perspectives of transport poverty within current transport modelling approaches.

TranSENDaNC: Transport and Social Exclusion: New Directions and National Comparisons
Funded by EU Marie Curie, this four-year project facilitates international exchanges between senior researchers in the UK, Belgium and Chile. Sharing ideas and skills, about the theoretical concepts and methodological approaches which abound in the analysis of transport and social disadvantage, the researchers will seek to identify new theories and methods for the development of future transport policy and systems delivery more widely.

What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth This collaboration with the London School of Economics, ARUP and Centre for Cities asks whether transport investment can stimulate local economic growth and aims to identify the most effective interventions.

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The Demand Centre is multi-disciplinary and multi-institution collaboration including Professor Greg Marsden who is focussing on mobility. The research programme represents a step change in how problems of end use and energy demand are conceptualised and tackled and confronts the fundamental issue: what is energy for?