Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)

Optimal Design and Pricing

Solving the problems of transport design and pricing

We design transport and optimal pricing strategies for both local and international clients. We have developed methods for modelling transport problems such as short term traffic control, medium term pricing of multi-modal personal and logistics systems, and long term policy optimisation of land-use and city structures.

Presenting transportation problems in a form appropriate for the application of optimisation methods, we can:

  • model multi-level competition between individuals, freight operators, airline and train operating companies, airport/infrastructure owners, and local and central government;
  • develop and solve multi-objective problems with trade-offs between economic, environmental, energy, safety and societal goals.

We use experience-based techniques for problem solving to provide:

  • optimal combinations of measures for an integrated transport policy;
  • optimal pricing policies for participants in transportation systems management and infrastructure investment.

Recent research outputs:

Koh, A. (2012) An evolutionary algorithm based on Nash dominance for equilibrium problems with equilibrium constraints.  Applied Soft Computing, 12 (1), pp161-173.

Verhoef, E., Koh, A., and Shepherd, S. (2010) Pricing, capacity and long-run cost functions for first-best and second-best network problems. Transportation Research Part B, 44 (7), pp870-885.

May, A., Koh, A., Blackledge, D., and Fioretto, M. (2010) Overcoming the barriers to implementing urban road user charging schemes.  European Transport Research Review, 2 (1), pp53-78.

For further information, please contact: Professor Simon Shepherd