Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)

Transport in the Global South

Finding ways to transform the transport environments of low-income groups.

Many transport funders and policymakers are beginning to recognise the serious negative social consequences of inappropriately designed transport systems in cities of the Global South. But research and evidence to support the introduction of more socially sustainable solutions is lacking. 

Our aim is to address the mobility and accessibility needs of the most vulnerable citizens in developing cities through collaborative and international research. 

The theme supports activities that push forward transport research capabilities in the Global South, from networking, brainstorming and discussion of ‘off-the-wall’ ideas, to drawing together the evidence base for improved analysis, and the promotion of concrete proposal-writing in order to obtain new funding for research in this arena.  

Our current sub-themes are: 

  • Mobility inequalities
  • Personal security
  • Poverty reduction
  • Social inclusion

All research disciplines and methodological approaches that can make a strong contribution to tackling these sub-themes are welcome. In particular, we would actively encourage innovative approaches to interdisciplinary research.

For further information, please contact: Professor Karen Lucas or Dr Paul Timms