Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)

Big Data and Transport

The Transport sector is fundamentally information driven and the advent of a distinct ‘Big Data’ agenda has opened a new set of technical challenges and opportunities.

New technologies and social media have profound effects on how people organise their lives in time and space. The wealth of data allows new approaches to the grand challenges of the transport sector such as congestion, the carbon-energy burden, infrastructure, accessibility and safety. We aim to harness the power of Big Data towards a more sustainable transport system.

Our research is at the forefront of identifying the possibilities for change in policy implementation, practice and governance through a number of high profile research projects including:  

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Consumer Data Research Centre. The CDRC is a national resource. Data routinely collected by customer-related and local government organisations is made accessible by the CDRC for research in social sciences and economics.


EMPOWER is a €4.89 million international collaboration granted by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 fund to reduce the role of conventionally fuelled vehicles in cities. The project aims to influence the mobility choices and behaviour of drivers using positive incentives delivered through smart phone technologies and the web. The three-year project will use data in eleven ‘living labs’ across Europe as part of an ambitious roll-out plan of the concept.

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The ADAPT project aims to develop more effective methods of influencing people to act voluntarily in relation to mitigating environmental change, particularly when making travel choices. 

For further information, please contact: Professor Susan Grant-Muller or Dr Kate Pangbourne