Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)

NORTHMOST 02 ITS-Leeds 12th June
Mathematical Modelling in Transport in Practice 

Last December NORTHMOST 01 was held at ITS-Leeds, kicking off a new series of one-day seminar/workshop events: hosted in the NORTH, focussed on Mathematics Of Systems of Transport. 

In this era of vehicle automation, smart mobility and new data sources, established mathematical models and methods for analysis of transportation systems are being stretched beyond their capabilities. This is fuelling rapid innovation not only in academic institutions, but also in practice where expert modellers are hacking existing methods to tackle new problems. It is a fertile environment for the development of new approaches, and offers rich opportunities for collaboration and progress. 

The motivation for this series of meetings is to bring together technical experts from academia and industry, to discuss both problems and solutions and to seek new collaborations to push forward the state of the art. 

NORTHMOST 01 (Dec 2016) focussed on academic research, with the aim of encouraging networking and collaboration between academics working on this research topic.

The speakers were Eddie Wilson [Bristol], Ke Han [Imperial], Ben Heydecker [UCL], Mike Smith [York], Dong Ngoduy [Leeds], Neil Walton [Manchester], Mike Maher [UCL], Christos Katrakazas [Loughborough]. 

NORTHMOST 02 will be led by practitioners with technical expertise in transport modelling, giving presentations to an expert audience of academics and fellow practitioners.

The aim is to close the gap between research and practice; to establish a feedback loop, communicating the needs of practitioners to research academics who are actively developing new methodological approaches.

The one day meeting will comprise a series of presentations, with a final roundtable to discuss issues raised during the day and potential future research aims and collaborations.

The speakers are:

Tom Van Vuren  Mott Macdonald: Divisional Director & ITS-Leeds Visiting Professor

Ian Palmer         Transport for the North: Head of Strategic Analysis and Appraisal

Nic Cary             Department for Transport: Head of Data Policy

Stuart Dalgleish  AECOM. Regional Director

Mike Oliver         PTV: Visum Solution Director

John Swanson     SDG: Associate


NORTHMOST Organizing Committee

Richard Connors [ITS-Leeds], Mike Smith [York], Neil Walton [Manchester], David Watling [ITS-Leeds]

Tom van Vuren

Ian Palmer

Nic Cary

Stuart Dalgleish

Mike Oliver

John Swanson