Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)

Research Project: Ch4llenge

Addressing the four key challenges of sustainable urban mobility planning

There is wide consensus that sustainable urban mobility planning contributes to a better quality of life and is a way of tackling transport-related problems in cities. Sustainable transport modes, which include cleaner vehicles and public transport as well as cycling, walking, taxi and car-sharing, should play a major role in future urban transport systems. Various approaches exist throughout Europe. While some countries such as France and the United Kingdom have been forerunners, strategic urban transport planning is still new and in many other countries only partly applied. 

The four key challenges are

  1. Participation
  2. Co-operation
  3. Measure selection
  4. Monitoring/Evaluation 

The Ch4llenge project is a consortium of 17 partners. Dr Caroline Mullen leads the ITS team.

The ‘Advancing Cities’ of Brno, Budapest, Krakow, Timisoara and Zagreb from New Member States are currently moving towards sustainable urban mobility planning. The ‘Optimising Cities’ of Amiens, Dresden, Gent and the county of West Yorkshire will assist them in developing strategies and implementing pilots. CH4LLENGE also supports 26 ‘Follower Cities’ outside the consortium which are committed to improving their mobility planning. They are involved in the project’s take-up and learning process and will receive tailor-made advice from the CH4LLENGE SUMP Expert Team .

See interactive map of partner European cities

Four e-learning courses, developed by the Ch4llenge project will be launched free of charge in 2015

Project facts

Budget (ITS portion): £200,000

Funding: co-funded by the IEE – Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the EU

Duration: 36 months

Dates: Mar 2013 – Mar 2016

Coordinator: Rupprecht Consult

For further information, please contact: Dr Caroline Mullen