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Thomas Hancock

PhD Researcher

Room: 2.10 / LG.12
Research Group: Choice Modelling

PhD Topic Using models from Mathematical Psychology in Choice Modelling

Key Research Interests

  • Choice Modelling
  • Mathematical Psychology
  • Behavioural Economics

Conference Presentations

  • "Decision field theory- improvements to current methodology and contrasts with standard choice modelling techniques", 5th International Choice Modelling Conference, April 2017, Cape Town (South Africa)
  • "Expanding the capabilities of decision field theory to complement random utility models of travel mode", The Transportation Research Board (TRB) 96th Annual Meeting, January 2017, Washington (USA)
  • "Incorporating irrationalities in decision making into choice modelling: going beyond small changes from the tried and tested", 5th symposium by the European Association for Research in Transportation, September 2016, Delft (Netherlands)


  • Best student-led paper, 5th International Choice Modelling Conference, April 2017


  • PhD in Choice Modelling, University of Leeds (UK), March 2016 - present
  • BSc in Mathematics, University of St Andrews (UK), 2010-2014


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