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Professor Simon Shepherd

Professor of Transport Modelling and Policy Design & Director of Research and Innovation

Phone: +44 (0)113 34 36616
Room: 1.07
Research Group: Spatial Modelling and Dynamics

For appointments please contact Jennifer Cleaver 

Key Research Interests

  • Road pricing and network design problems
  • Traffic signal control
  • Strategic land use transport interaction models, network assignment modelling and mirco-simulation
  • Transport policy optimisation
  • System dynamics applications in transport

Employment History

  • Rolls-Royce Plc (1986-1987) One year Diploma in Industrial Studies
  • Bacon and Woodrow (1988-1989) Trainee Actuary
  • 1989-Present Principal Research Fellow Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds.


  • PhD (University of Leeds, 1994),
  • BSc (Hons 1st Class) Mathematical Engineering, Diploma in Industrial Studies (Loughborough University of Technology, 1984-1988)

Research Projects and Experience

  • At the Institute for Transport Studies since 1989, he has worked on various EC funded projects in the area of traffic control (PRIMAVERA) and route guidance (CAR-GOES) and various EPSRC sponsored projects. He gained his doctorate in 1994 applying state-space methods to the problem of traffic responsive signal control in over-saturated conditions. The methods developed were termed auto-gating strategies.
  • He has worked on various problems in the past; looking into area speed flow relationships via micro-simulation using NEMIS and a SATURN model of Cambridge. He was also involved in developing location models investigating land use - transport interactions in collaboration with MVA and David Simmonds Consultancy.
  • More recent involvement with EC funded projects include OPTIMA, FATIMA, AFFORD, PROSPECTS and REVENUE modelling Edinburgh and Lothian at the strategic level producing optimal integrated strategies and studying marginal cost pricing. He has managed the Institute's input to ICARO which is concerned with HOV lane modelling techniques, developing a SATURN model of the Salzburg region alongside the corridor model FREQ11 which models the effects of adding a HOV lane to a freeway.
  • He has worked on project SAMI, applying an optimisation methodology at the European network level and managed the ITS input to the EU STEPS project looking at the impacts of energy scenarios and investments in new technologies. His work on optimisation continues at all levels through work on an EPSRC funded project devising second-best optimal road pricing cordons/locations, developing methods and models further through the DISTILLATE project and through his Departmental Fellowship which looks at the linkages between models and policy recommendations. He continues to work with colleagues in the Technical University of Vienna in developing the dynamic model MARS providing a systems dynamics approach to strategic modelling.
  • He has built up his management experience taking the management role in a range of EU and EPSRC funded projects over the last fifteen years.


  • Postgraduate Research Tutor from September 2007-2011
  • Land Use and Transport Modelling  - to Geography undergaduates
  • Supervision of Phd theses and Masters dissertations



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Book Chapters

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