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Julian Burkinshaw

PhD Researcher

Room: 2.10 / LG.12
Research Group: Social and Political Sciences

Research is looking into the future of commuting. More specifically, how might changing working practices influence the demand for the journey to work. The project aims to understand what the commute is like now, what is changing/has changed and assess what might change in the future. Ultimately, the research aims to intervene in the commute of the future and facilitate change onto the use of more sustainable transport modes.

Key Research Interests

  • Transport Policy
  • Future Studies
  • Working practices
  • Dynamics of social practice


  • BA (Hons) Geography, University of Salford, 2013


  • Series 2 of the Energy and Mobility Series: Employment Structures and Working Practices – What’s next for travel demand and energy in transport? 2016. Report available from URL:
  • European Union Parliament Report: The World is Changing. Transport, too. 2016. Co-author of report. Report available from URL: 


  • Institute for Transport Studies Summer Seminar Series, Thursday 25th June 2015: Creative Industries, Flexibility and Travel to Work. Slides available from URL:
  • DEMAND Conference, Wednesday 13th April 2016, Session 2D: Time, Temporality and Energy Demand 2 – Time Temporalities, 16:30-18:00. Flexible working, household responsibilities and travel to work: Assessing the potential for travel demand reduction


  • World Conference on Transport Research, 10-14th July 2016, Session D4-2C4, ICT, Activities, Time Use and Travel Behaviour I, 13:30-15:10: Creative Industries, flexibility of work and travel. Abstract available from URL: 


  • Planning for Impact, one-day White Rose Doctoral Training Centre Conference, 19th May 2015. Co-organiser and chair, Workshop 3: Policy and Governance. Report of the conference can be found from URL: 


  • DEMAND Pre-International Conference PhD Workshop, 12-13th April 2016. Co-organiser. Workshop report from URL:
  • DEMAND Summer School: Peaks, Sites and Cycles, 14-16th July 2016. Attendee. Workshop report from URL:
  • DEMAND Summer School: Energy Histories and Energy Futures, 8-10th July 2014. Attendee. Workshop report from: URL: 
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