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Dr Jeremy Toner

Senior Lecturer in Transport Economics

Phone: +44 (0)113 34 36617
Room: 3.01
Research Group: Economics and Appraisal

Research Experience

  • Since obtaining his bachelor's degree in 1985, Dr Toner has been based at ITS firstly as a student (MA 1986, PhD 1991), then as a researcher (1989-92) and now as a lecturer in Transport Economics. He has research interests in the economics of transport regulation and in demand forecasting methods. His experience includes aggregate and disaggregate modelling (with both revealed preference and stated preference data) in areas such as the demand for freight transport and the demand for rail transport, and some modelling work on road pricing.
  • Recent projects include: "Modelling the potential for diverting inter-urban passenger to rail" sponsored by ESRC, where much use was made of the theoretical relationships between elasticities in order to ensure consistency of the different modelling approaches; an EPSRC-funded project "Advancing Stated Preference Design", which has provided a new method of producing efficient statistical designs; and EU-funded work on Pricing European Transport Systems (PETS) and modelling freight transport (STEMM). He also made methodological contributions to the London Road Pricing Elasticities Project and the Urban Transport Market: Theoretical Analysis project, both funded by the Department of Transport, and to the London Underground Fares Elasticity Research. His expertise in the area of deducing cross-elasticities was used recently in providing assistance to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission. His work on the regulation of taxis has led to contributions to the previous government's review of legislation. Other work has been on concessionary fares, the economics of travelcards and travel passes, and the economics of tolled river crossings.


  • B.Soc.Sc., Economics with Modern Economic History, University of Birmingham
  • M.A., Transport Economics, University of Leeds
  • Ph.D., University of Leeds


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  • Toner JP (2010) The welfare effects of taxicab regulation in English towns, Economic Analysis and Policy, 40, pp.299-312.
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  • Toner JP (1996) English experience of deregulation of the taxi industry, Transport Reviews, 16, pp.79-94.


  • Toner JP; Mackie PJ (2010) Concessionary Travel - the Research Papers, Institute for Transport Studies University of Leeds.

Book Chapters

  • Watson SM; Toner JP; Fowkes AS; Wardman MR (2000) Efficiency properties of orthogonal stated preference designs, In: Ortuzar JDD (Ed) Stated Preference Modelling Techniques, Perspectives 4, PTRC Eductation and Research Services Ltd, pp.91-101.


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