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Jeremy Shires

Senior Research Fellow

Research Group Leader for Economics and Appraisal

Phone: +44 (0)113 34 35347
Room: 1.06
Research Group: Economics and Appraisal

Key Research Interests

  • Bus Soft Factors
  • Discrete Choice Modelling
  • Decision Making
  • Public Transport Demand Modelling
  • Stated Preference Design

Employment History

  • 1993 - 1996: Research Officer, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds
  • 1996 - 98: Research Fellow, Transport Studies Unit, Oxford University
  • 1998 - present: Research Fellow, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds


  • 1992 BA Hons in Economics, Heriot Watt University
  • 1993 M.A. Transport Economics, the University of Leeds

Research Projects and Experience

  • 2007/8DfT Project looking at the valuation and demand impacts of bus soft factors. Project manager with a key role in the SP design and analysis.
  • ITS (2007) “Revealed and Stated Preference Study to Assess Impact of Rail Reliability on Rail Demand ”. Report Submitted to DfT.Responsibility for SP Design.
  • GRACE (2007) European Project examining how complex road congestion pricing impacts upon car driver behaviour. Responsibility for design of complex congestion pricing experiment and analysis.
  • Jacobs and ITS (2006) “Zonal Fares Trial Evaluation”. Report Submitted to DfT.Project Manager.
  • Nash, C.A., Mackie, P., Shires, J. and Nellthorp (2004) “The Economic Efficiency Case for Road User Charging”. A Report for the Department for Transport. This was an input into the 'Feasibility Study Of Road Pricing in the UK” (2004). Responsibility for producing paper on marginal social cost pricing.
  • Bonsall, P., Shires, J., Matthews, B., Maule, J. and Beale, J. (2004) “Road User Charging – Pricing Structures”. A Report for the Department for Transport. This was an input into the 'Feasibility Study Of Road Pricing in the UK” (2004). Responsibility for design of major cross discipline literature review.
  • Shires, J.D. (2004) “Case for Rail in the Conurbations”.Development of a spreadsheet rail forecasting model based on WYPTE rail services for JMP Consultants as part of a consultancy report for the PTEG.
  • Whelan, G.A. and Shires, J.D. (2003) “First Area Review Model”.Report for First Group that developed a bus forecasting handbook and model.
  • Bristow, A., Whelan, G.A., Shires, J.D. and Mackie, P.J. (2002) “Achieving Best Value for Public Support in the Bus Industry”. A report for CfIT in conjunction with LEK Consultants. Responsibility for developing a GOMMMS type appraisal tool.



  • Sansom T; Nash CA; Mackie PJ; Shires JD; Watkiss P (2001) Surface transport costs and charges Great Britain, DETR, pp.126p.

Book Chapters

  • De Jong GC; Ben-Akiva ME (2010) Transportation and logistics in supply chains, The Handbook of Technology Management, .
  • Shires JD; Preston JM (2000) Rail Transport, In: Preston JM (Ed) SORT-IT Research Monograph, SORT-IT Research Monograph.

Internet Publications


  • Johnson DH; Mackie P; Shires J (2014) Buses and the Economy II, Buses and the Economy II Main Report, pp.1-27.
  • Muir H; Pfaffenbichler P; Emberger G; Shepherd S; Wagner P; Martin P; Shires J; May A; Levin T (2008) Modelling background report. MARS, microsimulation, cities and scenarios. Deliverable 2.3.1, Sub-Project 2, CityMobil Project (, .
  • Bonsall PW; Shires JD; Ngoduy D; Link H; Becker A; Papaioannou P; Xanthopoulos P (2007) Optimal Complexity of Prices for Transport Infrastructure, Deliverable 6 of GRACE (Generalisation of Research on Accounts and Cost Estimation), .
  • Bonsall PW; Shires JD; Matthews B; Maule J; Beale JR (2004) Road User Charging - Pricing Structures, .
  • Nash CA; Matthews B; Shires JD (2004) The EU Transport Policy White Paper: An assessment of progress, .
  • Balcombe R; Mackett R; Paulley N; Preston JM; Shires JD; Titheridge H; Wardman MR; White P (2004) The Demand for Public Transport: A Practical Guide, .
  • Bristow AL; Shires JD (2001) A Review of the Values of Time, Elasticities of Demand and Other Parameter Values for Use in the Quality Bus Partnership Model, .
  • Shires JD (2000) Factors Affecting Road Freight Haulage , .
  • Shires JD (2000) Quality Bus Partnerships and Market Structure: Phase 1 Report, .
  • Beaumont HC; Preston JM; Shires JD (1996) Strategic organisation and regulation in transport - inter urban travel. Summary of country reports, .

Conference Papers

  • Marsden G; Shires J; Ferreira A; Philips I; Cass N (2014) Resilience and adaptation: an activity systems approach, Universities' Transport Study Group, Archives .
  • Hess S; Shires J; Jopson A (2013) Accommodating underlying pro-environmental attitudes in a rail travel context: Application of a latent variable latent class specification, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 25, pp.42-48. doi: 10.1016/j.trd.2013.07.003
  • Hess S; Marsden G; Shires J; Jopson A; Muir H (2010) Analysing Rail Travellers' Desire for Reducing Carbon Emissions from Personal Travel, 89th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, Washington, D.C .
  • Bonsall PW; Shires JD (2005) Methodological Issues in the Use of Questionnaire Data to Analyse Travel Behaviour in an ICT-Rich Environment, European Transport Conference, Strasbourg, October 2005 .
  • Wardman MR; Shires JD (2004) Review of Fares Elasticities in Great Britain, 10th World Conference on Transport Research, Istanbul, 4-8 July 2004 .
  • Shires JD; Nash CA; Tyler J (2004) Forecasting and Appraising the Impact of a Regular Interval Timetable, European Transport Conference .

Other Publications

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