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Dr John Nellthorp

Senior Research Fellow

Phone: +44 (0)113 34 36613
Room: G.02
Research Group: Economics and Appraisal

Key Research Interests

  • Measurement and valuation of individual response to transport improvements
  • User benefits, including reliability, security and health
  • Externalities: noise, local environment and quality of life
  • Policy analysis using choice experiments and CBA

Employment History

  • 2001-present Senior Research Fellow, ITS, University of Leeds
  • 1999-2001 Research Fellow, ITS, University of Leeds
  • 1996-1999 Research Officer, ITS, University of Leeds
  • 1994-6 Assistant Economist, Halcrow Fox and Associates, Edinburgh (consultancy)
  • 1990 Statistical Assistant, The Henley Centre for Forecasting, London


  • PhD, Political Economy of Transport Investment and Pricing, University of Leeds, 2011
  • MA Transport Economics, University of Leeds, 1994
  • BA (Hons) Economics, University of Cambridge, 1993

Professional Engagements

  • Consultancy for Department for Transport, The World Bank, UNECE, TINA Secretariat, European Commission, Eurostar, Highways Agency, RAC Foundation
  • Academic adviser to the Welsh and Scottish Governments
  • European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) Round Tables 128 and 135
  • Invitee: European Investment Bank Expert Workshop "Decision Making on Transport Infrastructure", Belgium, 2012; SONORE Conference Paris, 2010


  • Leader: MA/MSc Transport Investment Analysis (course for Masters, professionals & MBA); Project Appraisal (BA/BSc Level 2) - covering transport and energy, since 2004
  • Leader: CPD courses for NAO, DfT, West Yorkshire PTE
  • External training for The World Bank and EU in Europe, Africa & US



  • Mackie PJ; Watson SM; Nellthorp J; Pearman AD (2003) Cost-benefit analysis of transport projects, UN Economic Commission for Europe, Geneva.
  • Pearman AD; Mackie PJ; Nellthorp J (2003) Transport Projects, Programmes and Policies: Evaluation Needs and Capabilities, Ashgate, pp.271.

Book Chapters

  • Vaghi C; Wheat PE; Osterle I; Milottia A; Nellthorp J (2016) The Role of Human Factors in Rail Freight Innovation, In: Blanquart C; Clausen U; Jacob B (Ed) Towards Innovative Freight and Logistics, Wiley, pp.245-258. doi: 10.1002/9781119307785
  • Matthews B; Nellthorp J (2012) National road user charging: Theory and implementation, Cars and carbon: Automobiles and European climate policy in a global context, 9789400721234, pp.295-323. doi: 10.1007/978-94-007-2123-4-13
  • Nellthorp J (2004) European innovations in multi-modal assessment: How will they support and enhance the public policy process?, pp.313-332.
  • Mackie PJ; Nellthorp J (2003) Transport Appraisal in a Policy Context, In: Pearman AD; Mackie P; Nellthorp J (Ed) Transport Projects, Programmes and Policies - Evaluation Needs and Capabilities, Ashgate, pp.3-16.
  • Mackie PJ; Nellthorp J (2001) Cost-benefit analysis in transport, In: Button KJ; Hensher DA (Ed) Handbook of transport systems and traffic control, Oxford : Pergamon, pp.143-174.

Internet Publications


  • Lucas K; Philips I; Nellthorp J; Reardon L; Laird J; Verlinghieri E (2016) Social Assessment of Section 3 of the A465 Heads of the Valleys Road: Brynmawr to Tredegar, pp.1-60.
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  • Mackie PJ; Watson SM; Nellthorp J; Pearman AD (1999) Socio-economic cost-benefit analysis in the context of project appraisal for developing a Trans-European transport network in accession countries, .
  • Mackie P; Grant-Muller SM; Nellthorp J; Pearman A (1999) TINA Appraisal Guidelines, pp.1-151.

Conference Papers

Conference Presentations

  • Vaghi C; Wheat PE; Osterle I; Nellthorp J (2013) The role of human factors in rail freight innovation, Transport Research Arena 2014 .
  • Bristow AL; Wardman M; Shires JD; Chintakayala VPK; Nellthorp J (2012) The value of access to urban quiet areas relative to other local environmental factors, 41st International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering 2012, INTER-NOISE 2012 2, pp.1726-1733.
  • Gühnemann A; Nellthorp J; Connors R (2010) A market model to analyse tradable noise permit schemes for airports, INTERNOISE 2010 .
  • Kelly CE; Nellthorp J; Gogna S (2010) Appraising small schemes at a local level: A BCR approach, European Transport Conference .
  • Kelly CE; Nellthorp J; Gogna S (2010) Assessing 'small schemes' using BCRs - Does LTP funding offer value for money?, Transport Practitioners Meeting .
  • Marsden G; Nellthorp J; Kelly CE (2007) Target setting and performance incentives: - a practical and theoretical assessment of English local transport strategies, World Conference on Transport Research Society, Selected Proceedings .
  • Marsden G; Kelly CE; Kimble MG; Nellthorp J; Lucas K (2007) Progress in assessing the sustainability of transport strategies, World Conference on Transport Research Society, Selected Proceedings .
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  • Tight MR; Delle Site P; Hammond A; Nellthorp J; Mackie PJ (2001) Separating the intensity of transport from economic growth, 9th World Conference on Transport Research .
  • Nellthorp J; Mackie PJ (1999) The UK roads review - a model of decision making, Paper presented at European Transport Conference, Cambridge University .
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