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Dr Eleonora Morganti

Senior Research Fellow - Freight & City Logistics

Room: 1.16
Research Group: Economics and Appraisal

Eleonora Morganti is Senior Researcher Fellow on freight transport and logistics policies and urban planning.

Her current research areas focus on food logistics and e-commerce parcel deliveries to end-consumers.  Her approach explores the effects of new consumption and purchasing habits on the urban freight system and delivery service operations. The food supply sector represents her main field of study, comparing different logistics solutions in European and American urban areas. In the past years, she worked at the Ecole des Ponts – ParisTech and at the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks (IFSTTAR). In France she examined policies related to low-carbon transport and strategies to foster the adoption of electric vans on last mile deliveries. Moreover she carried on research on alternative to home deliveries to reduce economic and environmental costs related to e-commerce deliveries in dense areas. In 2011, she completed her Ph.D. on Policies for Sustainable Development at the University of Bologna, Italy, with a thesis focused on urban food transport and governance. Eleonora was a visiting scholar at the University of Santa Cruz, California (US) in 2010 and at the University of Pisa, Italy in 2011. Over the years she collaborated with different institutions, such as the Renault Institute of Sustainable Mobility and the Volvo Research and Education Foundation (VREF).



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  • Palacios-Argüello P; Morganti E; Gonzalez-Feliu J (In press) Food hub: Una alternativa para alimentar las ciudades de manera sostenible, Revista Transporte y Territorio, .
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  • Morganti E; Gonzalez-Feliu J (2015) City logistics for perishable products. The case of the Parma's Food Hub, Case Studies on Transport Policy, 3, pp.120-128. doi: 10.1016/j.cstp.2014.08.003
  • Gonçalves A; Morganti E; Blanquart C (2014) Alimenter les villes par les circuits courts : le défi de la conciliation des politiques publiques et des logiques d’acteurs [Supplying cities by short food supply chains : the challenge of combining public policies and actors’ preferences], Géocarrefour, . doi: 10.4000/geocarrefour.9581
  • Morganti E; Seidel S; Blanquart C; Dablanc L; Lenz B (2014) The Impact of E-commerce on Final Deliveries: Alternative Parcel Delivery Services in France and Germany, Transportation Research Procedia, 4, pp.178-190. doi: 10.1016/j.trpro.2014.11.014
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  • Gonzalez-Feliu J; Basck P; Morganti E (2013) Urban logistics solutions and financing mechanisms: A scenario assessment analysis, European Transport - Trasporti Europei, .

Book Chapters

  • Morganti E (2015) Les évolutions logistiques liées au e-commerce, In: Dablanc L; Frémont A (Ed) La métropole logistique - Le transport de marchandises et le territoire des grandes villes, Armand Colin.
  • Morganti E; Dablanc L (2014) Recent Innovation in Last Mile Deliveries, Non-technological Innovations for Sustainable Transport Four Transport Case Studies, Springer.
  • Morganti E (2014) A geography of rail, road and air transport, Mediterra 2014 Logistics and Agro-Food Trade. A Challenge for the Mediterranean, .
  • Morganti E; Segre A; Falasconi L (2010) Last Minute Market. Increasing the Economic, Social and Environmental Value of Unsold Products in the Food Chain, Total Food Sustainability of the Agri-food Chain, Royal Society of Chemistry.


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