Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)

Professor Dong Ngoduy

Visiting Professor


Research Focus: Traffic Flow and Real-Time Traffic Management 

Other Affiliate Positions

  • 02/2017-present Visiting professor, ITS, University  of Leeds
  • 12/2014-present Adjunct professor in Intelligent Transport Systems, Vietnam National University, HCMC
  • 04/2014-05/2016 Visiting scholar, Queensland University of Technology
  • 07/2014-05/2016 Adjunct associate professor, Intelligent Transport Systems Lab, Swinburne University of Technology

Past Positions

  • 04/2013-05/2013 Visiting Fellow, Queensland University of Technology
  • 11/2010 - 09/2011 University Research Fellow, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds
  • 11/2006 - 10/2010 Institute Research Fellow, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds
  • 04/2006 - 10/2006 Junior Research Fellow, Department of Transport planning, Delft University of Technology
  • 02/2002 - 04/2006 Research assistant, Department of Transport planning, Delft University of Technology
  • 06/1996 - 08/1999 Research assistant Vietnamese Institute for Transportation Science


  • PhD, "Macroscopic discontinuity modelling for multilane and multiclass traffic flow operations", Delft University of Technology, 2002-2006
  • MSc (with distinction) in Traffic Engineering, Linkoping University of Technology, 1999- 2001
  • BSc (with distinction) in Civil Engineering, Hanoi University of Transportation, 1991-1996


  • 01/2017-present: Editorial Advisory Board Member, The Open Civil Engineering Journal
  • 07/2016-present: Editorial Advisory Board Member, The Open Transportation Journal
  • 01/2016-present: Associate Editor, Transportmetrica A: Transport Science
  • 12/2014-present: Editorial Board Member, Mathematical Problems in Engineering
  • 12/2012-present: Associate Editor, Transportmetrica B: Transport Dynamics
  • 04/2012 - present: Member of the EPSRC Peer Review College
  • 11/2006 - present: Friend member of the Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics committee, TRB
  • 03/2011 - present: Member of the ITS sub-committee, TRB
  • 11/2006 - present: Member of the TRAIL (The Netherlands Research School for Transport and Logistics)

Awards & Prizes


2011 EPSRC 5-year career acceleration fellowship

  • 2005 HKSTS runner-up prize for best student papers.
  • 2002 Doctoral fellowship of the Dutch National Fundamental Science Organization.
  • 1999 SIDA Scholarship for the International Master Programme in Traffic Engineering in Sweden.

 Reviewing Activities

Journals Transportation science, Transportation Research Part B, C, IEEE Transactions in Intelligent Transportation Systems, Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems, Transportation Research Record, Transportmetrica,  Transport Reviews, Journal of Advanced Transportation, Physical Review E,  Philosophical Transactions of Royal Society A, Physica A, Physics Letters A,  Computer Aided in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, Nonlinear Dynamics

International Conferences  LATSIS 2012, 2013 (PC member), International Symposium in Transportation and Traffic Theory (ISTTT),  Transportation Research Board (TRB), Triennial Symposium on Transportation Analysis (TRISTAN, Scientific committee), World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTR), International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems

Selected recent publications

  1. Ngoduy D; Hoang NH; Vu HL; Watling D (2016) Optimal queue placement in dynamic system optimum solutions for single origin-destination traffic networksTransportation Research Part B: Methodological, 92, 148–169

  2. Jia D; Ngoduy D (2016) Enhanced cooperative car-following traffic model with the combination of V2V and V2I communicationTransportation Research Part B: Methodological, 90, 172-191 (most downloaded). 

  3. Jia D; Ngoduy D (2016) Platoon based cooperative driving model with consideration of realistic inter-vehicle communicationTransportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 68, 245-264 (most downloaded). 

  4. Nantes A; Ngoduy D; Bhaskar A; Miska M; Chung E (2016) Real-time traffic state estimation in urban corridors from heterogeneous data, Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 66, pp.99-118. 

  5. Ngoduy D; Jia D (2016) Multi anticipative bidirectional macroscopic traffic model considering cooperative driving strategyTransportmetrica B, pp.1-15.doi: 10.1080/21680566.2016.1142401

  6. Zhong RX; Fu KY; Sumalee A; Ngoduy D; Lam WHK (2016) A cross-entropy method and probabilistic sensitivity analysis framework for calibrating microscopic traffic modelsTransportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 63, 147-169. 

  7. Nantes A; Ngoduy D; Miska M; Chung E (2015) Probabilistic travel time progression and its application to automatic vehicle identification data,Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 81, 131-145. 




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