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Charlotte Kelly

Senior Research Fellow

Phone: 0113 34 30871
Room: Charles Thackrah 1.14
Research Group: Economics and Appraisal

Key Research Interests

  • Exploring the links between transport accessibility and public health
  • Accessibility to healthcare facilities
  • Ex post versus ex ante appraisal

Employment History

  • Senior Research Fellow, ITS & Academic Unit for Health Economics, University of Leeds (2010 - Present)
  • Research Fellow, ITS, University of Leeds (2005 - 2010)


  • BA Economics and Sociology, University of York,
  • MRes In the Built Environment, University of Leeds

 Research Projects and Experience

Charlotte currently holds an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship (2014 - 2018) 

Title of the study

Quality of Life is a matter of distance? - A study investigating the relationship between centralising health services and health inequalities for patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.

Project Website:


Charlotte's recent projects include:

  • ‘'On the buses': evaluating the impact of introducing free bus travel for young people on the public health (Funded by NIHR)
  • Travelling to see the GP (Funded by NHS Bradford, Airedale and Leeds)
  • Ex post evaluation of cohesion policy interventions 2000-2006 financed by the cohesion fund  (Funded by European Commission DG REGIO)
  • Improving the evidence base on value for money of small transport improvement schemes (Funded by the DfT)


  • Masters dissertation supervisor
  • Project Appraisal (TRAN2030)
  • Healthy Cities: Transport and Health (TRAN3070)
  • Transport and Public Health (TRAN5260M)


Book Chapters

  • Marsden GR; Bache I; Kelly C (2012) A Policy Perspective, In: Ryley T; Chapman L (Ed) Transport and Climate Change, pp.197-224.
  • May AD; Kelly CE; Shepherd SP (2005) Integrated Transport Strategies, In: Button; Hensher (Ed) Handbook 6: Transport Strategy, Policy and Institutions, Elsevier, pp.237-254.


Conference Papers

Conference Presentations

  • Kelly CE; Nellthorp J; Gogna S (2010) Appraising small schemes at a local level: A BCR approach, European Transport Conference .
  • Kelly CE; Nellthorp J; Gogna S (2010) Assessing 'small schemes' using BCRs - Does LTP funding offer value for money?, Transport Practitioners Meeting .
  • May AD; Jopson A; Gawthorpe SL; Kelly CE; Cook A; Tanner G (2007) Option generation tools for sustainable urban transport strategies, WCTR 2007 .
  • Marsden G; Nellthorp J; Kelly CE (2007) Target setting and performance incentives: - a practical and theoretical assessment of English local transport strategies, World Conference on Transport Research Society, Selected Proceedings .
  • Kelly CE; Tight MR; Page M; Hodgson FC (2007) Techniques for assessing the walkability of the pedestrian environment, Walk21 .
  • Marsden G; Kelly CE; Kimble MG; Nellthorp J; Lucas K (2007) Progress in assessing the sustainability of transport strategies, World Conference on Transport Research Society, Selected Proceedings .
  • Kelly CE; Nellthorp J; Marsden G (2006) How do local authorities set their LTP targets?, Transport General Practitioners Annual Meeting .
  • Marsden G; Kelly CE; Snell C (2006) Selecting indicators for strategic performance management, TRB Annual Meeting Online .
  • Marsden G; Kelly CE (2005) Do we count what really counts?, 3rd Transport Practitioners Meeting .
  • Bonsall PW; Kelly CE (2004) Road user charging and social exclusion - the impact of a range of charges on at-risk groups, 10th World Conference on Transport Research, Istanbul, 2004 .
  • May AD; Kelly CE; Shepherd SP (2004) The principles of integration in urban transport strategies, 10th World Conference on Transport Research, Istanbul, July 2004 .

Other Publications

  • Watson J; Tetteh A; Dutton AG; Bristow A; Kelly CE; Page M (2004) UK Hydrogen Futures to 2050, .
  • Grant-Muller SM; Kelly C; Holvad T; Sessa C; Fagiani P; Jarvi T (2003) Outline specification of a high level framework for Transport instrument packages, .

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