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Bryan Matthews

Senior Research Fellow

Phone: +44 (0)113 34 35341
Room: G.02
Research Group: Social and Political Sciences

Key Research Interests

  • Transport access and social exclusion
  • Technologies to support older and disabled people's travel 
  • Pricing and the marginal social costs of transport
  • Railway and aviation economics
  • Planning and decision-making processes

I welcome expressions of interest in PhD study in any of the above topic areas

Employment History

  • Research Fellow, Institute for Transport Studies (1998-2005)
  • Consultant Transport Economist, Steer Davies Gleave (1995-1998)
  • Research Assistant, Transpole Lille (1995)


  • MA Transport Economics – University of Leeds 1994
  • BA Economics (2:1) – University of Liverpool 1993

Professional Engagements

  • Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) 2012-2014

  • Member: the Accessibility and Inclusion Forum, CILT, 2012-2014

  • Member: the Inclusive Mobility Interest Group (IMIG), ITS-UK, 2009-2014

  • Member: Executive Committee of the University Transport Studies Group, 2009-2012

  • Expert contributor: the "Academic Network of European Disability Experts (ANED)", European Commission Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, 2010

  • Expert academic advisor: the Disability Discrimination Act Code of Practice on Transport, Disability Rights Commission, 2004–2005

  • Expert academic advisor: the Enquiry into Accessible Transport, New Zealand Human Rights Commission, 2005

  • Member of the accessibility advisory committee to the Leeds Supertram, 2001-2005

  • Co-editor of Volume 13 in the Research in Transport Economics series, 2005

  • Guest co-editor for a special issue of the Transport Policy Journal, 2003

Invited talks

  • “The Equity Implications of Smartphones for Disabled People’s Travel Experiences”, NECTAR workshop on Exploring Equity Issues in Transport and Communication Networks, Harrogate, 28-29 September 2012.

  • “The Socio-Economic Assessment of Transport Projects”, Rail and Development: A Comparative Approach between France and the United Kingdom, University of Paris Sorbonne, 9–10 May 2012

  • “User Charges and Subsidy ",HelsinkiExecutive Summer School,AaltoUniversity(Finland), 9–13 August 2011

  • “European Transport Policy – a time to take action”,School of Civic Design Seminar Series,University of Liverpool, 10 March 2010

  • “Access to Goods and Services for Disabled People”, Office for Disability Issues Evidence Day, Department for Work and Pensions,London, 19 November 2009

  • “Transport and Disabled People”, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Seminar Series, Leeds, 9 October 2006

  • Invited speaker – National Register of Access Consultants inaugural conference, 2005

  • Invited speaker – Implementing the Social Model of Disability seminar series, 2005

  • Invited speaker – Disability Rights in Europe conference, 2003

Research Projects and Experience

  • Over ten years experience of working on transport research and consultancy projects, encompassing price and user responsiveness, regulatory assessment and user reactions, cost analysis, planning and decision-making processes and investment appraisal.
  • Clients include the European Commission, the British Disability Rights Commission, the European Conference of Ministers of Transport, the Community of European Railways, the UK Department For Transport, and a range of UK local authorities.
  • Capable of employing both quantitative and qualitative techniques and familiar with relevant software, including Excel and LimDep.
  • Considerable experience in project management, including a 3m Euro project comprising 15 partners in 11 countries and a 1.3M Euro project comprising 5 partners in 5 countries.


  • Module leader, “The Instruments of Transport Policy” (1st year UG) and “Introduction to Surface and Air Transport Policy" (1st year UG)

  • Contributing lecturer, “Understanding Travel Behaviour” (Masters), “Analyzing Transport and Society” (Masters), and “Transport and Society” (2nd Year UG)

  • Co-Supervisor for PHD on aviation externalities
  • Supervisor for numerous under-graduate and post-graduate dissertations on accessibility, railways and aviation.



  • Nash CA; Matthews B (2005) Measuring the marginal social costs of transport, Elsevier, Amsterdam.

Book Chapters

  • Matthews B (2014) elderly and disabled travelers, .
  • Matthews B (2014) pedestrian safety blind and elderly, .
  • Matthews B (2014) Road Pricing Schemes US and International, .
  • Nash CA; Matthews B (2013) Transport Pricing and Subsidy, In: Notteboom T; Shaw J (Ed) The handbook of Transport Studies, Sage.
  • Matthews B; Nellthorp J (2011) National Road User Charging: Theory and implementation, Cars and Climate Policy, Springer.
  • Matthews B (2008) Road congestion pricing in Europe, In: Richardson HW; Bae C-HC (Ed) Road congestion pricing in Europe, Edward Elgar Publishing, pp.233.
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  • Matthews B; Menaz B (2008) Economic Perspectives on the Problem of Slot Allocation, In: Czerny AI; Forsyth P; Gillen D; Niemeier H-M (Ed) Airport Slots: International Experiences and Options for Reform, Ashgate Publishing, pp.21-39.
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  • Lawson A; Matthews B (2005) Rights to accessible transport in Europe: A legal reality?, In: Barnes C; Mercer G (Ed) Implementing the Social Model of Disability: Europe and the majority world, The Disability Press, Leeds.

Internet Publications


Conference Papers

  • Matthews B; Tennøy A; Visnes Øksenholt K; Fearnley N (2014) Searching for ways of improving usability, accessibility and safety for sight impaired people in complex transport environments, .
  • Price L; Matthews B (2012) Are we nearly there yet? Parents attitudes to long distance travel with young children, .
  • Panchasara A; Matthews B; Jamson S (2011) Driven to distraction - a study of the impacts of music tempo and genre on driver behaviour, .
  • Matthews B; Lythgoe F; Milne D (2011) Long distance rail travel: are we missing the local connection?, .
  • Atkinson S; Matthews B (2011) Arena venues and travel behaviour - a case study of Sheffield Hallam Arena, .
  • Matthews B; Pearman AD; Giorgi L; Schmidt M; Poincelet M; Reynaud C; Carvalho D; Vieira J (2010) Does Money spent on transport research achieve anything? Developing an evidence base to secure future funding for European transport research, .
  • Pearman A D; Matthews B; Schmidt M; Carvalho D; Reynaud C (2010) What does money spent on transport research achieve, and how does it do it? Developing an evidence base to support and target future funding for European transport research, .
  • Matthews B; Meunier D; Quinet E (2008) An Assessment of Recent Rail Investment Projects: the Effects of Imperfect Competition, .
  • Menaz B; Matthews B (2003) Airport Capacity: The Problem of Slot Allocation, German Aviation Research Society (GARS) conference on ' How to Make Slot Markets Work', Bremen .
  • Matthews B (2003) How to make best use of the rail network: capacity utilisation policy and a possible role for pricing, UTSG 35th annual conference, Loughborough .
  • Matthews B (2002) What do we know about the effectiveness of transport policy instruments?, UTSG 34th annual conference, Edinburgh .
  • Matthews B (2001) The Disability Discrimination Act and developments in accessible public transport in the UK, THREDBO7, Molde, Norway .
  • Beswick A; Matthews B (1997) Ways and Means of Financing and Reopening of Redundant railways , Railway Reopening .

Other Publications

  • Matthews B; Nash CA (2002) Identifying Key Requirements for Pricing Reform, .
  • Nash CA; Matthews B; Granero-Gomez P; Rothengatter W (1999) Concerted action on transport pricing research integration, 4th Framework RTD Programme, Deliverable 6, .
  • Nash CA; Matthews B; Granero-Gomez P; Marler NW; Heschtera C; Maibach M; Doll C; Macario R (1999) Design of new financing schemes for urban transport, FISCUS Report, Deliverable 4 FISCUS, .

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