Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)

Dr Agachai Sumalee

Visiting Research Fellow



Book Chapters

  • May AD; Shepherd SP; Koh A; Sumalee A (2008) Design tools for road pricing cordons, In: Richardson HW; Bae C-HC (Ed) Road Congestion Pricing: Lessons from Europe and their Implications for the United States, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishers., pp.pp.1.
  • Sumalee A; Connors RD; Watling DP (2006) Optimal toll design problem with improved behavioural equilibrium model: the case of the probit model, In: Lawphongpanich S; Hearn D; Smith M (Ed) Mathematical and Computational Models for Congestion Charging, Applied Optimisation, 101, Springer, pp.219-240.
  • May AD; Shepherd SP; Sumalee A (2005) Optimal Locations and Charges for Cordon Schemes, In: Santos G (Ed) Road Pricing: Theory and Evidence, Elsevier, pp.87-106.
  • Sumalee A; Shepherd SP; May AD (2003) The effect of demand variations on the location of optimal road pricing cordon, In: Bell; Iida MGHA; Y (Ed) Transport Network Reliability Analysis, Pergamon, pp.403.

Conference Papers

  • Asano M; Sumalee A; Kuwahara M; Tanaka S (2007) Dynamic Cell-Transmission-Based Pedestrian Model with Multidirectional Flows and Strategic Route Choices, 6th Annual Transportation Research Board Meeting, 21-25 Jan 2007, Washington DC, USA. .
  • Sumalee A; Zhong R (2007) Stochastic Cell Transmission Model: Traffic State Estimation and Control Under Uncertainties, 12th Hong Kong Society of Transport Studies Conference, Hong Kong. .
  • Kurauchi F; Sumalee A; Tamura H; Uno N (2007) Bilevel Programming Problem for Analysing Capacity Vulnerability in a Transportation Network under Limited Damage, Third International Symposium on Transportation Network Reliablity (INSTR), Delft, The Netherlands .
  • Iryo T; Sumalee A (2006) Theory of Travel Time Estimation Under Equilibrated Traffic Network and Special Case with Complete OD Network, 86th Annual Transportation Research Board Meeting, 21-25 Jan 2007, Washington DC, USA. .
  • Iryo T; Sumalee A (2006) A theory of network congestion estimation with travel time data on limited links, 37th Annual UTSG conference, Dublin, Ireland. .
  • Sumalee A (2005) Optimal Implementation-Path of Road Pricing Schemes with Time-Dependent Mode, Proc. of the 37th UTSG Annual Conference, Bristol, UK .
  • Asano M; Kuwahara M; Tanaka S; Sumalee A; Chung E (2005) Dynamic Pedestrian Modeling Considering Hierarchical Route Choice Behaviour, JSCE Infrastructure Planning Winter Conference, Japan .
  • Connors RD; Sumalee A; Watling DP (2005) Equitable Network Design, EASTS Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies Conference, Bangkok, Thailand 2005 .
  • Uchida K; Sumalee A; Watling DP; Kagaya S (2005) A Study on the Stability of the Probit-Based Multi-Modal Transport Assignment Model., EASTS Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies Conference, Bangkok, Thailand. .
  • Sumalee A (2004) Preference Articulation Paradigms and Multiobjective Optimisation for Transport Policy: Application of Road Pricing Design, Proceeding of the Hong Kong Society for Transport Studies Annual Conference .
  • Sumalee A (2004) Multi- objective optimisation approach to optimal toll ring design, Symposium on Transportation Analysis, Le Gosier, Guadeloupe, French West Indies .
  • Sumalee A (2004) An Innovative Approach to Option Generation for Road User Charging Schemes Design: Constrained and Multi-Criteria Design, WCTR,2004 .
  • May AD; Sumalee A (2003) One Step Forward, Two Steps Back? An Overview of Road Pricing Applications and Research Outside the United States, International Symposium on Road Pricing, Key Biscayne, Florida, 2003 / International perspectives on road pricing pp.73-91.
  • Sumalee A; Ongkittikul S; Jaensirisak S (2003) The Trend in European Transport Research and its Implication to Thailand, Transport Conference, Bangkok, Thailand .

Other Publications

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