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Dr Ann Jopson

Research Fellow

Phone: +44 (0)113 34 35333
Room: LG.04
Research Group: Social and Political Sciences

Twitter: @DrAnnJopson

Research interests

  • Understanding travel behaviour through Social Psychology,
  • Social aspects of transport, e.g., accessibility or older peoples' travel,
  • Active travel,
  • GIS transport applications,
  • Climate and Energy.



Professional Membership & Activities

  • Member of The British Psychological Society Division for Teachers & Researchers in Psychology
  • Invited speaker at UK conferences on Travel Plans and Car Sharing, and World Conference on Transport Research session chair.
  • Reviewing for journal papers, international conference paper selection, and grant proposals; and member of the editorial team for journal special issues.
  • Organising international seminars.

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I have a PostGraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) and am currently ITS Undergraduate Education Development Coordinator, with specific responsibility for BA Geography with Transport Planning

Teaching highlights

  • Module leader: Case Studies in Sustainable Transport (Undergraduate, Level 3).
  • Responsibility for active travel, accessibility planning and GIS related content across a number of Undergraduate and Postgraduate modules.
  • Has previously developed and lead profressional development short course.

 Masters dissertation supervision. Recent examples:

  • Framework for Monitoring and Evaluating Cycling in Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in Slovenia (Lea Ruzic).
  • Car dependency in Western Australia: what role do workplace (destination) factors play in commuter mode choice? (Catherine Wallace).
  • Assessing Nicosia's (Cyprus) Car Dependency and Potential Solutions (Irineos Livadiotes).
  • Social Status Reasons behind Car Addicts in Jakarta (Ayu Kharisza).

PhD supervision.

I am happy to consider supervising projects in a range of areas relating to understanding travel behaviour (in the context of Climate and Energy concerns); active travel; and applied Social Psychology methods.

Current and recent PhDs:

  • James Musgrave:  Promoting Travel Behaviour Change of Attendees at Sport Venues - An Extended Transtheoretical Approach. Key words: travel behaviour change, transtheoretical model, theory of planned behaviour. (Lead supervisor).
  • Stephen Parkes: The Longevity of Behaviour Change: A Case Study of the London 2012 Olympic and PAralympic Games. Key words: travel behaviour change, disruption, transtheoretical model. (Co-supervisor).
  • Magda Rosario Cepeda Zorrilla: Road User's Perception and Attitudes as a Barrier Against Cycling in Cities: A comparative analysis. Key words: Cycliing, Theory of Planned Behaviour, Social Comparison Theory, Material Possessions Model. (Co-supervisor).
  • Julian Burkinshaw: Commuting and the Role of Working Practices. Key words: travel behaviour change, demand, Social Practice. (Co-supervisor).
  • Martin Revas Perez: The Dynamics of Access: a study of social exclusion, job opportunities, travel mobilities and developing the Gateshead MetroCentre. Keywords: Accessibility, Exclusion, Mobility, GIS. (Internal examiner).



  • Pooley CG; Jones T; Tight M; Horton D; Scheldeman G; Mullen CA; Jopson A; Strano E (2013) Promoting walking and cycling: new perspectives on sustainable travel, Policy Press.

Book Chapters


  • Jopson A (In press) Behaviour and Attitudes to Transport - Policy Instruments to Achieve Sustainable Passenger Transport Choices, .
  • Fowkes T; Jopson A; May T; Mackie P; Matthews B; Nellthorp J; Page M; Sansom T; Shepherd S (2000) Assessing the impact of local transport policy instruments, pp.1-87.
  • Still B; Jopson A (2000) Business Attitudes to Demand Management Policies: survey design, implementation and results,, .

Conference Papers

Conference Presentations

  • Jones T; Chisholm A; Harwatt H; Horton D; Jopson A; Pooley C; Scheldemann G; Tight MR (2009) Understanding walking and cycling: a multi-method approach to investigating household decision-making in relation to short journeys in urban areas., Proceedings of Cycling and Society Research Group seminar, Sept 2009 .
  • May AD; Jopson A; Gawthorpe SL; Kelly CE; Cook A; Tanner G (2007) Option generation tools for sustainable urban transport strategies, WCTR 2007 .
  • Jopson A; Page M; Menaz B (2007) Appraisal and Decision Making for Small Sustainable Urban Transport Measures, World Conference of Transport Research .
  • Jopson A (2004) Can Pyschology Help to Reduce Car Use Revisited, Proceedings of UTSG Conference, Newcastle 2004 .
  • Jopson A; May AD; Matthews B (2004) Facilitating evidence based decision-making - the development and use of an on-line knowledgebase on sustainable land-use and transport, Proceedings of 10th World Conference on Transport Research, Istanbul .
  • May AD; Jopson A; Matthews B (2002) KonSULT: concept and development, Proceedings of WCTR Special Interest Group 10, Urban Transport Policy Instruments, 1st Annual Conference, Leeds, July 2002. .
  • Jopson A (2002) Predicting response to an individualised mobility management strategy, Proceedings of 9th European Working Group on Transportation, Bari, Italy, June 2002. pp.454-458.
  • Matthews B; Jopson A; May AD (2002) Developing a method for the assessment of evidence on the impacts of transport policy instruments, 29th European Transport Conference, Homerton College, Cambridge, September 2002. .
  • Still BG; Jopson A; Gerrard W (2000) The impact of road pricing and workplace parking levies on the urban economy: results from a survey of firms, Proceedings of European Transport Conference, Cambridge 2000 .
  • Jopson A (2000) Can psychology help to reduce car use?, Proceedings of UTSG Conference, Liverpool 2000 .
  • Jopson A (1999) Reducing car use: the role of the theory of planned behaviour?, Paper presented at 31st Annual Conference of the Universities Transport Studies Group, held at University of York, January 1999. (Unpublished). .

Other Publications

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