Stakeholder Workshop 1

11th December 2008 -::-

This workshop required the participation and interaction of all stakeholder groups (also outside the FESTA consortium) from public and private sectors that play or will play an active role in future FOTs within FP7. The Workshops acquired information from the different stakeholders, e.g. the concept of “what is an FOT” from different stakeholders point of view. Workshops, grouping different stakeholder’s together and parallel brainstorming sessions were led by specific FESTA stakeholder-reference-partners. All materials gathered in the brainstorming sessions will then be formulated already under the preliminary structure of the FESTA Handbook and the preliminary outcomes will be presented by the FESTA stakeholder-reference-partners at the end of the workshop.

Interim project meeting

11 January 2008 -::-

Interim project meeting

18-20th February -::-

Interim project meeting

4th-6th March 2008 -::-

Stakeholder Workshop 2

29th April 2008 -::-

Come & join us in Brussels for a presentation of the FOT handbook. The EC-funded FESTA Support Action, in which ERTICO is a participant, will hold its final workshop, 29 April 2008, in Brussels. All stakeholders with an interest in field operational tests (FOTs) should attend. FESTA aims at producing a shared methodological framework to carry out future FOTs on in-vehicle support and information systems, nomadic device-based systems and cooperative systems. All FESTA results will be synthesized in a “handbook” that will be the guideline for all actors planning future field operational tests. In December, the FESTA Consortium organised a workshop which attracted all European stakeholders with an interest in FOTs. Together, they defined a list of functions and systems to be included into European FOTs, identified the relevant results expected by the different stakeholders and discussed the FOT methodology covering all key aspects including safety, mobility and the environment. At the 29 April workshop, the FESTA consortium will present the project results and the handbook, as well as • Guidelines for the implementation of FOTs • Legal & ethical issues in the execution of FOTs • Types of ICT functions considered • Requirements & guidelines for data acquisition, storage and handling • Experimental procedures, performance indicators, data analysis and cost-benefit analysis. Mark your agendas and participate!