FESTA Summary

Within the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Priority, Field Operational Tests (FOT) will be the subject of one of the first calls in Challenge 6: ICT for Mobility, Environmental Sustainability and Energy. The FOTs will comprise a comprehensive program of research to assess the impacts of ICT systems on driver behaviour, both in terms of individual (safety) benefits and larger scale socio-economic benefits. More specifically, the objectives have been stated as:

·           To validate the effectiveness of ICT based systems and functions for safer, cleaner and more efficient transport in a real environment

·           To analyse driver behaviour and user acceptance of the systems

·           To analyse and assess the impact of intelligent safety and efficiency functions using real data

·           To improve awareness on the potential of intelligent transport systems and create socio economic acceptance

·           To obtain technical data for system design and product development

·           To ensure the transferability of the FOT results to the overall European and global conditions. 

FESTA will provide such support by designing a handbook of good practice. The handbook will provide applicants to subsequent ICT calls, as far as possible (given the range of near-market ICT systems), practical guidance to allow them to develop compelling FOT projects that address the Commission’s desire for an integrated and coordinated program of research.

The FESTA handbook will cover issues concerning all aspects of the time-line and administration of an FOT, such that advice will be provided regarding aspects from needs analysis at the commencement of an FOT all the way through to the integration of the acquired data and estimation of socio-economic benefits at the end.