Hedi Maurer


Hedi Maurer



PhD topic:

Development of an Integrated Model for Estimating Emissions

from Freight Transport


Dr Tony Fowkes and Dr Tony Whiteing



Current employer:

NEA Transport Research and Training

What did you research for your PhD and what motivated you to study this area?

One of the problems in freight demand modelling has been (and still is) the lacking consideration of logistics decisions and environmental impacts. In my research I developed an approach for integrating these two aspects with an existing freight demand model in Britain, which the freight team at ITS (foremost my supervisors) had created.

Why did you decide to study at ITS?

ITS has an outstanding reputation in the field of transport research. From the first contact, my experience with the Institute was very positive. The administrational procedures were fast and efficient.

How did you finance your PhD studies?

I was awarded a Marie-Curie Fellowship from the EU.

How would you describe the experience of being a PhD student?

It requires commitment, endurance and an affinity for the subject. I remain grateful to my supervisors for their guidance and for sharing my enthusiasm.

What are your lasting memories of ITS and the University of Leeds?

I remember the stimulating research atmosphere at ITS, the friendship with fellow students and the good discussions.

What do you do now and what are the challenges and rewards of your job?
I work in research-based consultancy, mainly on EU projects. I enjoy working in (often international) teams and coming across people whom I know from ITS.

How has completing a PhD helped you?

It has been a good training in research skills and independent thinking.

How do you see your career developing?

The PhD research was fairly focussed – now I am trying to broadening a bit the topics I work on. I like the European dimension of my work.

Do you have any advice for prospective PhD students?

Enjoy this very unique experience of being able to research in depth a (mostly freely chosen) topic.