Haneen Khreis


Haneen Khreis



PhD topic:

Early-life exposure to traffic-related air pollution and the onset of childhood asthma


Dr James Tate 
and Dr Roger Parslow

What are you researching for your PhD and what motivates you to study this area?

I am researching the respiratory health effects of exposure to traffic-related air pollution, with a special reference to childhood when individuals are most vulnerable. I wanted to do medicine when I was younger and always found biology very interesting. This work I’m doing now for my PhD gives me a chance to read medical papers and work in relevant venues and is also usually exciting as it is a multidisciplinary research with so much to explore and learn in its different fields.

Why did you decide to study at ITS?

I had a very good year in ITS and in Leeds whilst doing my MSc degree in 2012/2013 and was delighted when ITS accepted my PhD research proposal.

What did you do before you were a PhD student?

I have been a student for the past 7 years. I did a year in Medicine in 2007, followed by 4 years in Civil Engineering leading to my BSc degree. I then started my MSc at ITS in Transport Planning and Engineering, and then went directly on to my PhD.

How would you describe the experience of being a PhD student?

It can be a fun and exciting time, but also very challenging. Good motivation is key. Overall, it is most certainly an experience that equips you with lots of transferrable skills and a lot of resilience.

How are you financing your studies?

I am funded by Philadelphia University in Amman, Jordan.

What do you aim to do once you’ve completed your PhD?
When I finish, I will start working for my funders as a full-time lecturer in the Civil Engineering Department, Philadelphia University.

Do you have any advice for prospective PhD students?

Its vital to research something that you like and genuinely think is interesting – and have a lot of patience.