Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)

Review of design manual for roads and bridges for fully autonomous vehicles

Supervisor: Haibo Chen

Introduction and Background: The Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) provides standards, advice notes and other guidance relating to the design, assessment and operation of trunk roads, including motorways in the United Kingdom. Volume 6 is concerned with road geometry including links and junctions. It was designed for human drivers, and also many theories and equations for the design were derived from field surveys carried out many years ago.

Aims and Approach: This project aims to understand what needs to be amended and revised in the design manual in the light of the current deployment of autonomous vehicles in the UK, Europe and beyond. The project will review and examine the design criteria, data used, and mathematical algorithms derived. It will identify suitable use cases from the design manual and study how the road infrastructure is designed for the new generation of the transport mode. The project may use the video and GPS data video and GPS data collected in Field Operational Tests (FOT, and Naturalistic Driving Studies (NDS).

Impact of Research: It is envisaged that the project will recommend substantial evidence-based changes to the DMRB based on its findings.

Entry requirements/necessary background: A good background in numeric analysis, Physics, Mathematics or Statistics would be advantageous.

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