Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)

Modelling variation and dynamics in transportation systems

Supervisor: Professor David Watling

Topic proposals are welcomed in this general area, of which there could be many possible PhD thesis topics. These can include:

  • Development of new classes of stochastic model that are able to better reflect various aspects of real-world variations (e.g. building on Parry et al, 2014; or Nakayama & Watling, 2014).
  • Development of methods of statistical inference for stochastic network models, in order to make optimal use of existing and emerging data sources (see, for example, Sumalee et al, 2014).
  • Representing positive information and mass effects in forecasting models (e.g. as may happen through social media), for example building on Schm√∂cker et al (2014).
  • Characterising and extending classes of stochastic process model of transportation system (e.g. building on Watling & Cantarella, 2013, 2014).
  • Understanding the impact of behavioural parameters on the capacity of transportation systems, either through empirical analysis, theory or numerical analysis of ensembles of network (e.g. building on Watling et al, 2012).

Further information on all topic areas is available from the source references above. If you are unable to access copies, please email the supervisor for a copy.


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