Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)

Recycled mobility

SupervisorsProf Greg Marsden and Dr Tony Whiteing

This PhD topic will build on research underway as part of a major 5 year Centre on End User Energy Demand Reduction ( It will explore the growing second hand markets in goods facilitated through on-line facilities such as E-Bay and Freecycle. The research could take several different research avenues from tracing the histories of different types of products and their movement beyond the initial purchase (which we posit is the main focus of research to date) to an approach more aligned with understanding how different corporate interventions act to influence the full life-cycle emissions associated with products. Applicants could come from a range of backgrounds related to freight, retail and product life-cycle (for example) but would all need to have a desire and some background in engaging with critical social science debates. This PhD will require an understanding of why and how current trends have taken hold and how they are changing. This requires more than a system level understanding.

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