Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)

New governance models for transport

Supervisor: Professor Greg Marsden

There are strands of literature which suggest that institutions are resistant to change (path dependence) but that periods of radical change can happen. There is currently much debate about the potential market for intelligent mobility and the advent of automation and electric mobility to be one such moment of change. Will Google’s driverless cars and taxis change the role of the car in society to a mobile office or infotainment hub? Does the advent of electric vehicles create a need or opportunity for new vehicle ownership models to overcome the inevitable battery replacement costs? Does big data and smart phone technology unlock the potential for integrators of services to offer a mobility service market? This could all radically disrupt the existing institutional arrangements and governance networks. However, it could be a flawed technology-led dream which doesn’t map well to the realities of the infrastructures which dominate transport today and which will last into the future. This PhD topic will engage with theories of governance and theories of innovation, drawing down on real international case studies and interviews with stakeholders to work through the likely pathways and implications of the competing visions for the future.

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