Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)

Assessing the impacts of walking and cycling orientated policies on cities’ economic competitiveness

Supervisors: Dr Astrid Gühnemann and Dr James Laird

Transport research and policy on city competitiveness has mostly focused on increasing the size of labour markets, in particular on the impacts of improving travelling to city centres by motorised transport. On the other hand, in research on city competitiveness the role of transport is mostly not well quantified. Movement within city centres and by active modes and their impact on cities’ economies has only been analysed in few studies. This PhD project will explore whether increasing mobility for walkers and cyclists can improve city competitiveness and will develop methods to quantify wider economic benefits of investments into walking and cycling infrastructure for transport investment appraisal. It is anticipated that a mix of quantitative and qualitative research methods will be utilised with interviews with businesses and stakeholders and comparative analyses of cities’ economic and investment data including international comparisons. The study will be based on a thorough knowledge of welfare economic theory.

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