Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)

MSc (Eng) Transport Planning and Engineering

The focus of this programme is on engineering solutions to transport issues, particularly how the design of systems determines the nature of how people and goods are transported. Students learn how to use engineering to meet the challenges of integrating different modes of transport and make travel safer, greener and more efficient.

Students are first equipped with core technical skills in data collection, modelling, planning and engineering design. They then select from a range of options, all of which have practical applications.

Students learn to:

  • design for safety, efficiency and the environment
  • appreciate the needs of different users in transport design and management
  • use models to plan networks and predict demand
  • plan road construction and infrastructure projects
  • apply design standards to roads and junctions
  • assess advanced traffic control systems
  • align engineering solutions with transport policy
  • analyse human interaction with transport design.

The programme is particularly suited to students who wish to extend their engineering capabilities, having studied a civil engineering or related degree. It is accredited as meeting the requirements for Further Learning for a Chartered Engineer (CEng) for candidates who have already acquired a Accredited CEng (Partial) BEng (Hons) or an Accredited IEng (Full) BEng/BSc (Hons) undergraduate first degree. Please see for further information.

Teaching, learning and assessment methods

Postgraduate study involves a range of teaching methods, supported by independent learning. In addition to the traditional lecture and seminar formats, students experience a blend encompassing workshops, computer exercises, practical sessions, directed reading, reflective journal, student-led discussions and tutorials. Assessment is equally varied and can include coursework essays, case-study reports, group assignments, posters, presentations and exams. Fieldwork also forms an important part of the learning experience and ranges from half-day local site visits to a week-long European field trip.